News from you 9/28/07

It’s Friday again and time for yet another edition of News From You, an eclection of news, the weird, the arcane and the downright useless of interest to F-I infovores. We’ve got a heavy entry this week since I missed last week. I am still very behind on your emails, do resend if you think you’ve gotten lost in my pile. I welcome noncommercial submissions be they useful, quirky, weird and offbeat. I credit all sources, include your web address for link love. Lastly, you may remain anonymous but do tell me. Send your submissions to News From You.
Sock monster getting the best of you? My friend Sally claims you can find most of your stray ones inside the corner pockets of fitted sheets and inside pillow cases. This laundry in the bay area has come up with a unique idea of completing your missing pairs:

Danielle sends a link to very dishy Moe who writes a regular feature on Jezebel. You’ll pull a muscle in your diaphragm laughing over The Devil Wears Prada Because Prada Is Hell, detailing her experiences as an employee at their flagship store.

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