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It’s Friday again and time for yet another edition of News From You, an eclection of news, the weird, the arcane and the downright useless of interest to F-I infovores. We’ve got a heavy entry this week since I missed last week. Next week is shaping into some semblance of normalcy; today is the first day I have spent most of the day in the office all week. I am very behind on your emails, so sorry! Do resend if you think you’ve gotten lost in my pile. I welcome noncommercial submissions be they useful, quirky, weird and offbeat. I credit all sources, include your web address for link love. Lastly, you may remain anonymous but do tell me. Send your submissions to News From You.
Portland OR has its own fashion week! Portland Fashion Week ’07 will be held Friday, October 19 to Wednesday, October 24, 2007. With a focus on sustainability, contact for more info.
A short lecture on the need to subscribe to industry publications. Many of you say you don’t know which shows are available in your area, there’s no reviews or you don’t know what’s appropriate or available in your market but this is a function of the mainstream press like California Apparel News (a weekly newspaper) and WWD (daily). I realize these cost a lot more than a sub to Vogue but these are trade papers and an investment in your business. CAN is really good for show coverage, how do you think I learn of shows? I’m not all knowing, all seeing. CAN this week highlights the Action Sports Retailer Trade Expo in San Diego which I didn’t know anything about. Things seem to be heating up in San Diego. Until you can take the plunge, at least subscribe to their online freebies. There’s lots of ads in these papers too. Not subscribing makes you look out of the loop. If you can’t afford to subscribe, how can you afford to pay for production services and products? In a word, subscribing to trade pubs lends an air of legitimacy.

Yahzi Rose sends word of a SF area fundraiser to benefit rape victims. The event will be held Sunday, September 16th, 2007 at 11am – 4pm at the Medjool Lounge 2522 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94114. Described as a “fun shopping event and benefit featuring over 20 talented Bay Area designers and artists selling the latest trends in clothing, jewelry, handbags, accessories, gourmet treats and art”.
On the lighter side, Style Mob is sponsoring a Trend Confessions contest. You are asked to post photos of when you shamefully succumbed to an of-the-moment fashion trend. Deadline is Sept 24th. Prize is 100 bucks towards your next fashion faux pas.
The latest onto the latest 3D pattern software craze is Bernina (the home sewing side). They claim theirs is “the world’s first 3D Pattern Software” -making the company look totally dumb. ~eye roll~ . What company these days doesn’t have a three d module?
Nancy announces she’s getting out of the handbag business. Toward that end she has some machines and equipment she no longer needs.

I have several industrial machines…a juki serger, cover stitch, industrial straight stitch and heavy duty straight stitch for use with leather, extremely heavy duty fabrics etc. We also have printing equipment and supplies, including heat presses, dye sublimation equipment and computers. If you know of anyone in this area (Pittsburgh) who may be interested in getting started but wary of all the investment this may be the perfect situation.

Contact me for more info and I’ll put you in touch.
Lisa sends a previously published link to Durkopp Adler that bears reiteration. Known to produce the finest machines in the business, you can find specific machines used according to product application. My favorite machine is an Adler. You can buy a top of the line single needle electronic for half what a homesewing Bernina would cost you.
Dense info packed JC Report announces their most recent edition online. A must read for fashioney trends international.
Material World’s next show will be held in NY at the Javitz center September 25-27, 2007

Speaking of fabrics, thrills and chills galore come from Vicki who announces profiles of the five fastest growing nonwovens producers. Now, where else can you get such riveting excitement but right here on F-I?
Michelle sends a link to another pattern maker in the news. From China comes Master Chao. It’s nice to see the trade getting some recognition among consumers.
Elizabeth sends a link to a story on Harrod’s who’s upgraded in store security for haute couture shoes. Apparently they’ve hired a cobra to guard them. No lie.
Grace and Joyce send a link to an article from the LA Times, Clothing maker keeps it all local which discusses the growing trend of domestic manufacturing. Yeah!
Sue Rock announces:

Art of Curves Event Brings Plus Size Fashion to New York in September from the release Bigger & Better Thangs (BBT) Entertainment and HSS&A, Inc. are bringing the hype to the “curvier” community with the first annual The Art of Curves plus-size fashion show. Scheduled to take place September 21st at New York ’s Westside Loft, The Art of Curves will be showcasing some of the plus community’s top designers including: Svoboda, Trentacosta, House of Sir Charles , Sue Rock Originals, and BGU. Portions of the proceeds will go towards Divabetic
Yours truly was interviewed by Blythe Clair of She Unlimited. Click through for more on what makes me tick.
Great news from Alisa Benay:

I’ve just gotten back from Atlanta where I taped an episode for the fall season of Get Married on the Lifetime Network. They got wind of my new line of vintage inspired bridal wear & will be featuring my designs on one of their fall episodes. Details and behind the scenes photos of the shoot are on my blog. The coolest part was that they shut down the lobby of the W Hotel just for my interview. Talk about a head rush! It was fun & exciting to get to watch what goes on behind the camera & the crew & models were amazing to work with. I’ll let everyone know when the episode airs as soon as they let me know.

Side note: Kathleen…. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Seriously, I would never have had the confidence to think that I could actually put together a line of clothing without your book & the forum. I have less than no money right now after having put together these samples, the trip, & all that still needs done, etc. , but when I have some, it’s yours! By the end of this year, I’ll have my website switched over from (what it is now) custom sewing to featuring the new line. It’s a unique concept in that I’m hoping to be able to offer the bride the option of having her gown custom sized. I’ve always been 2 sizes larger in the hips than everywhere else & have never really been able to buy ready made clothing (perhaps why I do what I do) & want someone paying me a boatload of money to have a dress that fits her exactly.

Once I have everything in place, I’d love to have some feedback from you or a product review or some such thing. I’m very open to letting in the regulars from FI to critique the concept & the line.

Alisa told me this story of a bride she made a gown for that had me rolling in the aisles. The bride was all set to go, all she lacked was a groom but she’d be ready when she found one!
Pam sends a mention that VegNews has published their first annual issue on fashion. Mentioned in her email (but wasn’t on the site) was Project Runway’s Jay McCarroll. Is he a vegetarian? Also included is an article on Sustainable Chic: Organic Fabrics in the Mainstream. I don’t subscribe but I’ll have to encourage them by picking up an issue. I don’t get any foodie magazines but may start for new food ideas since I think I may be going vegan. Catherine McHugh sent me her copy of The China Study and it scared me pretty badly. According to the book, being a veggie isn’t safe enough; breast cancer cells really like dairy proteins.
————- has finally started a blog of sorts. Very disappointing, no tongue in cheek content and they don’t take comments. Still, you may find the videos are a laugh if you haven’t seen them.
Andrea sends word that REI has introduced an eco-sensitive label.

This label will designate the items which have been manufactured using a high percentage of recycled, renewable or organic fibres. REI’s eco-sensitive label is being introduced in order to highlight the products which offer improved environmental performance compared with their conventional counterparts.

Andy Weinstock (a well established and long time supplier of nylons and tulle) sends his best bets for fabric sourcing shows:

Kathleen: advise your readers, that with the poor placement of fabrics at the MAGIC show, many domestic companies have decided to forego that show. We suggest the Material World Show in New York City Jacob Javits Convention Center, Sept, 25-27. Visit to register to attend. Also, consider the Los Angeles International Fabric Show, Oct. 15-17. Visit to register to attend. There is also the National Sewing Show, Sept. 17-19 in Las Vegas. Visit to register to attend. All three of these shows, have lots of domestic and foreign exhibitors, and are well worth the visit.

Lisa sends a link to this guy who makes specialty folders and sells them on ebay. I wrote him but didn’t hear back. The attachments will sew double welts using a double needle. Unfortunately, these are welts designed for upholstery, not pockets. I’d written him about possibly making folders for pocket welts but like I said, I haven’t heard back.
Don’t know how I found this but here’s an article from the Charlotte Observer on a domestic denim sewing contractor in NC who’s successfully reinvented their operation to produce for niche jeans companies.
A Boston area textile artist is knitting war protests.
Jasmin sends a link from her local paper in New Zealand about a designer bucking trends to produce domestically. Not exactly a spring chicken, you may enjoy the interview about Doris de Pont.
Malaysia declares fashion war on taxi slobs
To be continued…
Send your submissions to News From You. Have a good week end!

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  1. Andrea D. says:

    I have really enjoyed these last few days, so much information. I appreciated the above link to the interview of Kathleen from She Unlimited. I jotted down Kathleen’s quote in my “remember things” notebook: “I’ve figured out that I’ll never be famous…but at least among those who’ve known me, my integrity will never have been in doubt.” Thanks, Kathleen for your powerful example.

    P.S. I decided to post with my name Andrea D. because there is another Andres who also posts here. Just in case things ever get confused.

  2. Bethany says:

    In regards to Action Sports Retailer tradeshow, it is a surf and skate (mainly surf) tradeshow. It is also good for bathing suits.

  3. Alisa Benay says:

    I just learned that the gown Kathleen mentioned above in her post script to my announcement is actually copyrighted by the Holy Ghost. You should have my job. Really. I meet all sorts.

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