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I’ve not been having a good day today and haven’t gotten anything done. What’s wrong with me? I just got back from vacation. ~sigh~

Today’s first entry is from Andrea Baker who says:

I found this article on and thought it was worth a read. As you know, I hate the celebritization of fashion….and it turns out that I’m not the only one. This article supports the fact that consumers are not all “sheep” to refer back to an ancient topic in the forum ;). Anyway, it’s quick, I hope you like it!

The article is Celebrity Fashion Reaches Critical Mass. I have one quibble with the article. I personally would not throw Gwen Stefani in with the crowd of celeb designers specifically because she does actually produce her own stuff. Remember when she broke her finger sewing samples last year? She’s a DE who also just happens to be a celeb. The others are just slapping their name of some nameless stylist’s suggestions -if that.

Shauna Smith at First Samples in Austin is growing again! She’s doubled her shop space to offer more space for classes. Also, she’s added sewing supplies and vintage sewing notions. “Old zippers (in the package), old buttons, old scissors. The good old stuff. So students can see that it wasn’t always crap.”

Julia Szkiba sends word on the upcoming EcoTradeshow in Las Vegas:

I am overseeing the Eco Fashion Show again, along with my great team of students from IADT in Las Vegas. Everyone is encouraged to attend. People can register to attend the trade show and by registering as an attendee, they can also attend the fashion show, which will take place on Sunday, August 26th, at 6PM, and the fashion show/trade show will be at the Venetian Hotel, Grand Ballroom, Las Vegas. If anyone is interested in participating as a designer/company, to showcase items from their eco-friendly/cruelty-free collection, we still have a couple spaces left. There is a fee to participate and the forms are available on the above mentioned website. The deadline to submit items for the show (apparel, accessories, jewelry, etc.), is July 27th. I can’t accept any late items as we have a scheduled a fitting with models the following week, and as you know, putting on a fashion show is no easy task!

On another list (Coop America) Rene Geneva mentions a loan source saying

I have had amazing results from You start off ‘seeking’ a high interest loan, but they then bid it down to a reasonable interest rate. Its a little scary, but in the end it was very worth it for us to obtain a boost to help us grow. And, not speaking to anyone directly (I don’t want anyone to be offended) but this is not a loan site to get involved with if you’re not financially stable or entering a ‘safe’ endeavor.

Kysha Mitchell sends a link to The Hannover Principles saying that it would make a good poster for your workspace. Being behind, I only scanned it but definitely on topic for those of us motivated by sustainability. Also, do back off that url to get to for more.

Julie Knox sends a link to yet another system designed to reduce fitting frustration for consumers. Called Fit Me, there’s a “genie” to help you sort out your sizing. It strikes me as kind of hokey (now I’m sure to get an outraged email from the site owner, just like always) but hey, if it works for you, that’s swell. Under a section called “social connections” on the site, I find “Don’t Tell Me What Size I Must B” which says it is “fighting size discrimination internationally”. Expect the same old rehash as it says in part

…”Most clothes shops define a “large” as a size 12, and refuse to stock anything larger. Not because the market isn’t there – they know its there – its because they consider us ugly and undesirable, not worthy of wearing their products.”

Why do out-groups always assume it’s personal? Obviously, they’ve never read anything on the processes or infrastructure costs required to serve plus sized customers. The products are out there but then they usually complain about the costs. Manufacturing is equal opportunity. If you don’t like what’s out there, make your own stuff and at the price points you like. Isn’t that how most of you get into business? Otherwise, follow their logic; why would you want people who think you are ugly and undesirable to make clothes for you? They’re not going to do a good job of it. Or just maybe, some of those designers who are plus size themselves, targeting this market do think their stuff looks good. It’s a matter of taste too.

TexWorld will be held July 17-19 at the Javitz (NY). This show is owned by an international company so their exhibitors won’t be the typical domestic suppliers. Might be worth a visit if you’re around.

I got an email newsletter from Reware. A word of caution if you send those out. Be sure to have several -easily found- clickable links to your site somewhere in the email. I shouldn’t have to type in your url in my browser to find your site and then hunt and peck around to find those products. It’s really silly. Anyway, Reware informs me that July 15th is Cow Appreciation Day and in honor of their noted methane gas contribution, is offering you a 20% discount on solar products (use code CowDay07). Yes. Really.

Brenda Rogerson from the American Sewing Expo says

We at American Sewing Expo are looking for aspiring designers for our Project Runway inspired design contest where the winner will receive a prize package including a trip to New York City for Fashion Week. The season 2 Project Runway winner, Chloe Dao will be a guest judge in addition to designer Kayla Kennington and other leading sewing industry experts. The Baby Lock Passion for Fashion contest will take place at the Rock Financial Expo Center on Sept. 28 and 29 but deadline for entry into the contest is August 15. Complete details and contest rules are available on our website at I would appreciate your help in getting the word out. I’m sure there are many talented designers in the Detroit area that would like the opportunity to compete. If you know of any other place I can get the word out to I would appreciate your help.

The American Sewing Expo is home sewing related but if you’re interested, why not go for it? The trip to NY is a good prize.

Darren Garnick from the Boston Herald writes to mention his blogging entries on Maternity Wear for Men. Yep, it’s true. Now guys can get duded up in their sympathy suits (aka Empathy Belly). I thought it was a riot. Go say hi.

Pammy J writes to tell me the latest antics of those darn kids. You know which ones. The ones designing their prom outfits in duct tape. Truly, their creativity and perseverance is amazing. And to think I only use duct tape to hem my pants -and that’s only if a stapler is unavailable.

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  1. Lisa NYC says:

    I love Gwen Stefani’s designs! I agree, she shouldn’t be put with the others mentioned in the article.

    The article stated Madonna as not being successful with her last line, but failed to mention her kids’ line, Lipstik, which has been a hit.

    With friendship,

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Cool, go Cows!
    Dog and Cat Appreciation Day anyone? And while we’re at it, I’m partial to ducks and goats. And Alpacas. What can I say, I’m a city girl, the closest I come to pets is Animal Planet ;)

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