News from you 6/15/2007

Welcome to this week’s edition of News From You, an eclection* of tidbits, commercial and non-commercial news of interest to F-I infovores. If you have an interesting link, news or piece of interest to the community, feel free to pass it along. Regarding commercial notices (vested parties), if you’re one of my designers or allied member of the community (meaning, you’ve bought my book), I’ll announce your commercial notices such as openings, launches (including websites), news and press pieces. All other commercial parties should review submission guidelines. I credit all sources, be sure to include your web address if you want a link. Lastly, you may remain anonymous but you have to tell me.

Today’s first submission is from Malissa Long of Austin TX who sends a link to The Return of the Sweatshop from the June 2007 edition of Papierdoll. Unfortunately, citations to substantiate the title are slim; only listing data from Behind the Label from 1997-2000. It is entirely possible I’m wrong but I’d think that the incidence of sweatshops is decreasing. I don’t suggest that the situation doesn’t bear improvement but it is generally accepted that fewer than 3% of apparel manufacturers in the U.S. are sweatshops.
DIY fanatics take note on two Instructable submissions (from me). The first is called How to tie a monkey’s fist. Typically used to gather up too-long cords, I’d think you could apply the monkey fist method (and described device) to make interesting hand made buttons from cording.

The second Instructable is poorly titled as Isolation of nepetalactone from catnip. Titles are everything. This should be called “How to Make Hashish for Kitty Cats“. I’d consider making some for my pride (5) if I could get the stuff to grow.
If you’re in the market for a runway, you can buy one for $50 from the now defunct Arizona Fashion Foundation.”It’s been out in the rain and it has warped and needs a new paint job and some TLC, but it’s got good bones. It’s 8’x 4’ and is 16” high. You will need a full size truck bed, a few strong men and some straps to transport it”. You can purchase it at LabelHorde Boutique. A news story on the organization’s closure is here.

Champions of cynicism,, has launched a tee line saying “After years of empty promises, DespairWear™ is finally HERE! And it’s going to revolutionize the way you dress poorly!” They produce my favorite poster, I need one for my office. Great gift site for the corporate cynic on your list.
Blog Catalog is encouraging the web community to support a program called Donors Choose. “DonorsChoose is a simple way to provide students in need with resources that our public schools often lack. Here, teachers submit ideas for materials or experiences that their students need to learn. Individuals like you can choose a project and make it a classroom reality”. Searchable project database, support a school near you or target by neediness and poverty level.
Alisa Benay asks if you know about GoodSearch:

You can get income from people using GoodSearch. Not sure if you have to be a not for profit or not to benefit from it. My husband’s company (which is a non-profit) started using it recently & they project they’ll end up getting about $7500 per year. Nice pocket change!

Powered by Yahoo’s search engine, it seems to be a great way to raise money painlessly for your favorite charity. This is how it works.
Advanstar (producers of Magic, Pool et al) announce a new show to be held concurrently with MAGIC in August.

Printsource at MAGIC is a new environment within Sourcing at MAGIC providing a west-coast presence for the premier market for textile and surface design in the U.S.A. Printsource at MAGIC features original textile designs, creative inspiration and original textile artwork for purchase for the fall/winter 2008 collections from international textile design studios and agents.

Register for the August 27-30 sourcing show at Magic now. This badge will get you into all events.

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