News from you 5/25/07

In today’s edition of News from you here on Fashion-Incubator*, I’ll catch up on news I couldn’t get to posting from last week I’m glad you like this series. Although time consuming, these are fun to write and I really like sharing the cool stuff people send me. I wish I’d thought of it long ago.

First is Joan Hawley who writes to tell me that she’s bought some lawn furniture. No she doesn’t think I care about her outdoor decorating projects, she’s telling me because she’s found an interesting way to provide financial support to F-I by using my Amazon referral code. You can do it too. If you think of it, use the link to my Amazon wish list to connect to their site and then navigate to do your shopping. I get a percentage of anything you buy in that session (4%-5%) with no additional cost to you. You can support any site you like in this way, not just F-I. Anyway, Joan writes:

I’ve been Amazon-ing again. I clicked through from your site – I sure hope I’m doing that correctly. Anyhow, I’ve had my eye on some patio furniture and finally took the plunge. I’ve wanted lounge chairs for the patio for some time and found some cute ones on Amazon.

On a lighter note – have you been following my trip report on my blog? I attended Quilt Market in Salt Lake City recently. Monday will be part 3 of 4. If you get a chance, check in on my blog – there are some beautiful dresses/outfits from the fashion show competition in the first two posts.

From me is a mention of an article in the New York Times called Less Risk Seen in Purchasing Clothes Online.

For the first time since online retailing was born a decade ago, the sales of clothing have overtaken those of computer hardware and software, suggesting that consumers have reached a new level of comfort buying merchandise on the Web.

In 2006, revenue from skirts, suits and shoes reached $18.3 billion, surpassing that from PCs, printers and word-processing programs, which totaled $17.2 billion, according to a report to be released today by a major trade group.

This can only be continued good news for you. To optimize your chances, it’s worth a read.

Diane Sheehan sends a link to the most complete Textile Glossary (pdf) I’ve ever seen. Compiled by Celanese for their employees, it’s 210 pages long and free.
Lisa says they’re “looking to hire a grader or spec technical designer in Hempstead Long Island”.
Late in coming, Whitney Lieberman says that “10am on the Martha Stewart Show, Channel 4 NBC – America Ferrara the star of Ugly Betty will be a guest and will make a handbag out of Ultrasuede”. The date of the show was May 18th. Maybe you can catch a rerun.
Shermane Fouche writes to say she loves Fashion-Incubator and that it has helped her rediscover the passion she had when she started her business (she’d gotten out for awhile). She’s also blogging.

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