News from you 4/27/07

This new series seems to be popular so if you have news, links, information or announcements of interest to the community or just want to share a recent success -or even a problem- let me know. If you’re an outside party, read the submission guidelines for possible inclusion. Also, please state whether you wish to be linked to and include your contact information in such cases as appropriate.

Today’s first item is from JC Sprowls who submits yet another goofy sewing gadget, albeit vintage. I get a kick of these things. This item was offered on eBay (auction has since closed) but more photos are still up if you want to have a look see. It’s a tool designed to measure shoulder pitch.

Jessica Milliron submits a product announcement of Rebecca and Drew. This product line features blouses for women based on their “proprietary” TrioFit™ system, meaning the blouses are cut based on bra cup size. When Jinjer brought the line to my attention back in November 2005, I was thrilled -initially- because I’ve long advocated cutting blouses to cup size. My thrills immediately turned to dismay as I soon discovered that they intended to patent the concept, inspiring me to describe the whole affair as patently arrogant since I’ve been doing this since before they were potty trained -and so have others. I’d love to see how they can get me to stop. Why is this new generation so paper happy? Don’t get me wrong, other than the patent thing that irritates me to no end, I hope they become wildly successful. I wish more people would do it.
Jennifer Ennis sends a mention of Jill’s coverage of Project Earth Day: Student Eco-Design Competition and says

…what interested me was the fabrics. The poster listed several companies which were producing “green” fabrics –Terratex and Maharam were mentioned by name. I use the term “green” as a vague description of the type of fabrics as I not sure how to rate them a scale of environmentally friendliness. I was wondering what you and everyone else thinks about these products/fabrics? How do they fit into lean and sustainable textile production? Are they “green” enough?

Have you all heard of these resources? Unfortunately, it is difficult to glean information from their websites -Terratex is only viewable via pop ups! Beautiful sites -they must have paid a pretty penny- but the information is not conducive to sourcing.
WWD is sponsoring a Fashion Career Expo in Los Angeles on May 17th at the California Market Center (110 East 9th Street). You can get more information, pre-register, search jobs and submit your resume at Fashion Career Expo. Attendees are required to have a minimum of 2 years industry experience and a college degree. That leaves me out. Admission is $10.
Tracey in the UK says

I was told about this book coming out by Amazon & thought of you – just in case you are interested? Far too expensive for me at £142…(I have changed the link for the US site)

Plunkett’s Apparel and Textiles Industry Almanac 2007: Apparel and Textiles Industry Market Research, Statistics, Trends and Leading Companies (Paperback) by Jack W. Plunkett

Too expensive for me too but I note a recent spate of pricey pricey books, ranging in price from $240-$275. And people say my book is expensive…

Speaking of books, I got two recently, both used. Both are about industrial engineering in the apparel industry. Yum yum. I’ll bet you can’t wait till I dig into those. I’d give you the titles but they’re at home by my bed as they make for such divine bed time reading.
A note from the Detroit Fashion Incubator

A couple of annoucements need to be made…. Detroit Fashion Incubator will be closing it’s retail location at 4737 Grand River Avenue in Detroit, to focus on the organization. Which means that we are still dedicated to developing sustainable businesses, but will do it through our seminars, workshops, featured designer events, trunk/sample sales and other programs/services we will develop to meet the needs of the community. The Incubator is relocating and we are currently looking for a new space to accomadate our needs. If you have any specific questions please feel free to contact Michael.

The April 2007 Infomat Trend Report is up (free). This issue has trend analysis, retail coverage, runway, lingerie, children’s wear, women’s accessories and international trade show updates.
Trish left this in comments but I think this is a better place for it.

Alvaform has a job listing in NY for an entry level position posted on Craig’s List. The post is from 3/28/07. Here is the url if you are interested.

I went to check the listing and it’s still live. The position is for Jr. Technical Coordinator. It sounds interesting, here’s more information:

Alvanon is the global leader in technology solutions for apparel product development, sourcing and quality. Our integrated platform allows apparel retailers and brands to create a specified and optimized example of the consumer through a customized dress form/mannequin which is our Alvaform. You may find more information about our other products at

Job Description:
This is an entry level position in our Alvaform Production Department. She/he will mainly act as the liaison between the internal 3D modeling and external technical teams from major clothing brands. She/he will be orchestrating the dress form creation process from the beginning to end.

Miracle sent me this today. I don’t think she intended for me to post it but it’s kind of funny and nothing personal.

Every now and then, I like to google myself to see what comes up. Low and behold, here’s what I found:

But we just don’t feel right revealing more. Because this could be 2002 all over again, when a single overlooked ballot—hello, Florida?—swung the NOTY election from Habibi Zibi to Miracle Wanzo.

I was voted name of the year for 2002— I guess this means I’m officially famous. In an internet geeky sort of way! This is just really, really hilarious to me for some odd reason.

Have a good week end!

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  1. trish says:

    I love old patternmaking tools… but I did have a laugh over this item. Taking a simple “shoulder slope” measurement from CF waist to Shoulder tip will give you the proper shoulder slope when drafting a pattern… I do not make this stuff up, LOL!!!

    If anyone needs more info on this, email me.

  2. J C Sprowls says:

    I do it from where the breastline circumference meets the CB; but, it’s pretty much the same idea – pick a foundation point and stay consistent.

    BTW, do you triangulate the location of the shoulder point? For example: I use my tape measure as a compass, I draw a small arc from the CB Breastline to the shoulder point, then I do the same again from C7 out the length of the shoulder. Where the two arcs intersect, is the shoulder point I draft to.

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