News from you 3/19/08

Yep, it’s another edition of News From You. I’m still behind on the many submissions which continue to be much appreciated. If you’re new to these parts, News From You is a regular series best described as an eclection of news, the weird, the arcane and the downright useless of interest to F-I infovores. Send your submissions to News From You.
Members on the forum are posting to meet up at the upcoming fabric show April 14-16 in Los Angeles. Check in if you want to meet the gang. Speaking of, if you’ve tried to load the TALA (Textile Association of Los Angeles) website and haven’t gotten through, be advised the url has changed from dot com to dot org. Unfortunately, the redirect hasn’t been set up and Google hasn’t propagated the change yet but the link above will get you there.
March 14th was Pi Day! Here’s my previous suggestions to celebrate the geek holiday of the year.
While it’s not officially Spring, the swallows of Capistrano return today! I thought to look it up because I was pleased to see tell-tale barn swallow wing shadows from my kitchen window as I cooked dinner last night.
According to An Enduring Measure of Fitness: The Simple Push-Up from the New York Times…

a 40-year-old woman should be able to do 16 push-ups and a man the same age should be able to do 27. By the age of 60, those numbers drop to 17 for men and 6 for women. Those numbers are just slightly less than what is required of Army soldiers who are subjected to regular push-up tests.

Ack! I don’t want to know how far I fall short of that mark. I give up riding my bike to work for the winter but it’s warming up now. Lorraine’s been praising the fitness benefits of Wii…anyone used one?

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