News from you 12/6/07

Welcome to another edition of News From You, an eclection of news, the weird, the arcane and the downright useless of interest to F-I infovores. I welcome noncommercial submissions from anyone be they useful, quirky, weird and offbeat. Commercial notices are encouraged from community members (guidelines). I credit all sources, include your web address for link love. Be kind and include your url with your message. If it’s not obvious from the content that you want to remain anonymous, you’ll have to tell me. Send your submissions to News From You.

Note: I’ll be posting the gift buying guide this weekend. If interested, see the note at close.
Somebody sent me an email with some hilarious ads for men’s 70’s era vintage fashions. I’ve misplaced it. Can you please resend? I was reminded by this website which has similar ads from Ebony but the ones I was sent were much much funnier.

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