Let’s start with a basic orientation. This is the Home page below. You can tell it’s the home page because it has a portion of a post in a grayed out box. Along the very top and very bottom are the navigation bars. The navigation bars have links that will take you to any other pages on the site.


Clicking on Blog will take you to another page (not the one shown below) that has all of the Recent Posts, one after another. I think it’s easier to navigate to entries of interest from the lower half of the page than using the blog link.


Clicking on About will take you to another page (not the one shown below) which is a rundown of who blogs here and includes brief bios. This is where you go if you want to contact one of us or get my address. It is also linked to in the side bar, meaning the section off to the right.


Clicking on Resources -as shown below- gets you to all the websites I link to, things I think are interesting or useful. At the top of this page is a very important link, it goes to the archives. I have the archives bookmarked separately because I use it constantly all day long. Once I explain how to use it, you may never use the search box again. It’s how I find most everything I need. If you forget where it is, every archives entry (on the home page under recent posts) has a link to it.


The Products and Services link will take you to my products and services. Now how coincidental is that? I sell my book, soon to be DVDs, provide consulting and pattern making services.


Selecting Tutorials in the navigation bar will take you to a page that lists most of the tutorials and some of the series on this site.


The button for Member’s Forum (not illustrated) will take you to the front page of the forum. That site is member’s only (you’re welcome to join) but you do not have to be a member of the forum to post a comment on this blog! (!).  See How to join the forum for more information.

The lower half of the home page
Now let’s go back to dissecting some of the features on the home page. On the lower half of the left side of the page, there are four tabs. Recent posts I already showed to you but there’s also Recent Comments, Popular Posts and Forum Topics. Clicking on any of these will change what is displayed. Below is an example of recent comments.


Cruising through these gives you an opportunity to see which topics on the site are currently active. Comments on older entries are strongly encouraged so you may discover an entry on the site that interests you.

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