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Re: “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail”
When you leave a comment, there is a check box to indicate if you want to subscribe to the comment thread. This means the blog software will automatically email you if someone posts a comment after you, saving you the bother of having to remember to return if you are interested in the topic. This will not expose you to spam; it’s no loss or gain to me which you choose but I recommend subscribing if it’s a topic you care about.

Another entry that may be helpful is How to format comments. The first part of this post also appears there so scroll down a little.

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Error messages:
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OR, the message mentions something about a proxy, it means you need to exit from (usually) AOL before you can post. It means you’ve come in from a network that serves your pages via a proxy. Proxies are used to deliver a lot of spam. If this happens to you, click “back” to copy your comment, send it to me and I may be able to post it for you.

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