The easiest but least useful way to find things is by using the search box in the navigation bar. Word Press (the software used to run this site) is great except for the search feature; unless your key word is very unusual, it returns too many results to be useful. I use the archives page to find things. I recommend bookmarking it. I use it constantly all day long.

The archives page (the link is at the top of the Resources page)  is updated monthly and includes the full list of all the nearly 3,000 entries published on this site by title, newest to oldest. If you know a word in the title of the entry you are looking for or would imagine a title would have such a word in it, you can press Ctrl+F (in Firefox or Internet Explorer) on your keyboard to find it. I can’t speak to how IE does it but it’s similar to Firefox. Pressing Ctrl+F on your keyboard brings up this box at the bottom of your screen (see the red square below):


Type your key word into the box. Let’s say you’re looking for articles about sales reps. Once you start typing sales reps in the box, the page will begin to move down (or up) to match what you’ve typed. Your key word will be highlighted. Click on any interesting links, they will open in a separate window so you can keep this one open.


Hit the Next button to find more.

Searching by category
On the home page, the Categories drop down box is on the lower half of the page to the right of recent posts, recent comments etc, right under “More Topics”. In the example below, I’ve selected Pattern Puzzles.


Once you select that, your browser will immediately go to another page which lists Pattern Puzzles. Ten entries are listed per page, you have to scroll down to the bottom of that page to get to the previous ten entries and so on. Searching by month works the same way. Newest entries are always on top.

On the inner pages of the site, the category drop down box is somewhere else. It’s near the top of the right side bar just above the photo of my book.

Using  Google to search this site
If none of the above solutions work for you, google is a good solution because you’re not limited to titles and categories but can use natural language and keywords. Here is a screen shot below:


You need to type “” exactly, with no spaces. After that, you add a space and whatever you’re searching for. The above example is a search I did for sales reps.

If you’re looking for tutorials, go to the Tutorials link in the navigation bar. Not all of them are there but most are.  This site has been going for a long time. I’ve switched software several times. In earlier versions, I didn’t even have the option of categories so it’s been a great deal of work to integrate old content into the new one so it can be found.

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