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Awhile back someone had posed a question (in comments) regarding how to do that inside portion of a tailored jacket -where the facing, hem and lining all come together and I thought it’d make a good tutorial. I don’t know what to call this, naming suggestions are encouraged.

As ever, this problem is solved by pattern making corrections. The second most important thing is the order of sewing process. The importance of sewing quality is dead last. That’s why I keep saying line stitchers are rarely responsible for poor results; it’s the pattern quality. You won’t ever be able to sew this correctly unless your pattern reflects these dimensions -within variables- regardless of how well you sew. Similarly, obtaining the desired result has nothing to do with opinion or “whatever works best for you”. This is an example of an engineered result.

Anyway, the patterns for this tutorial are ready now; I’ll start the tutorial tomorrow. Below you’ll see the jpeg of the shell pattern; the full-size pattern is here (312 kb). It will fit on a sheet of 8 1/2 X 11 paper exactly. You’ll just need to make the cut-out.

You’ll also need a lining piece like the one below, the full size piece is here (265 kb). Anyway, those are the pieces if you want to get a jump on tomorrow.

Name this tutorial
Nameless tutorial #2
Nameless tutorial #3
Nameless tutorial #4
Nameless #5 (back vent)
Nameless #6 -Troubleshooting
Nameless Tutorial #7
Nameless Tutorial #8
Nameless Tutorial #9

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  1. Nameless tutorial #3

    This is -obviously- the third in a series. If you’re just now joining in the fun today, you can find the first and second ones as hyperlinked. Today’s topic is the specifications of the facing, hem, linings and the affected…

  2. paulo says:

    Hello there

    I am trying to get access to view the tutorials on this site but without much successes
    Can you please advise?

    Are there any other tutorials relating to pattern-cutting that you could suggest?
    I heard about grafis and would appreciate your opinion and any leads

    Thank your for your cooperation


  3. Kathleen says:

    Click the Tutorials button on the blue menu running horizontally at the top of the page. There’s a word document there with a list of tutorials. Hasn’t been updated in awhile.

  4. Kate Dicey says:

    Thank you for this hem finishing set of tutorials. I have always hated the way these things are finished both on many RTW items and the way one is instructed in sewing manuals and patterns. This is much neater and I shall be using this method on my present project. I would like to publish a link to the tutorial set on my currant dressdiaries entry on Live Journal.

  5. Anne Gautreau says:

    Thank you so much for your tutorial. I will be using your method to finish a Burda coat pattern (6747) I am currently sewing.
    Suggested title: How to PROFESSIONALLY join the facing, hem and lining of a jacket/coat.

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