My lap is small

There’s only room for a laptop on my lap so with this guy…

…fighting me for the keyboard, it’s no mystery why I don’t blog on weekends.

This is Right; a good-natured alpha male. His litter-mate was named Left. Left died last September. Right’s always been a little clingy, even before. I named them Left and Right because they looked like book-ends.

I made the mistake of holding still too long. Right has competition. Colita is in my lap now. It is very hard to type over a cat’s body.

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  1. Christy B. says:

    Aw, that’s just like my Ralph. My laptop has to go down by my knees and he sits on my belly with his head in my face. Now you know why I don’t post more comments; it’s always too difficult to type!

  2. sid says:

    What cuties and I’m sure there a big help around the shop :)

    I’m sorry to hear about Left – always sad when our furry assistants leave us.

  3. La BellaDonna says:

    {Hugs} to you and your family, furry and otherwise. It always hurts to lose someone you love. And there’s no way to explain it to the furry ones, either. I had bookends, Presto and Changeo, and Presto kept searching all over when we lost Changeo.

    The Dominator likes to help when I’m on the computer, too. I’d still rather put up with that and more to have him in my lap at work. I wish. He could help with all the legal files, too.

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