Miracle in Hong Kong

Miracle is going to Hong Kong on Saturday (well, Sunday at 1:00 AM) for seven days. She’ll be sourcing all kinds of goodies and promises to write a trip report. She will be attending Interstoff Asia and Aplf. Interstoff is a fabric show. Miracle says that overseas, sustainable fabrics are so ubiquitous as to be de rigeur (this may come as a shock to US citizens who don’t travel abroad but the US is way behind the times in myriad ways). Aplf is an accessories show so it’ll be interesting to see the trends she finds there. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to post your wish list items in comments.

Even off site from the shows, there’s endless sourcing opportunities.

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  1. Trudy says:

    Best place for Dim-Sum in HK is The People’s Palace (basically the city hall for HK, but the restaurant is open to the public); best place for drinks is the Felix bar, top of the Peninsula Hotel. *sigh* and I wonder why I’m over-weight…but wish I was going!

  2. Lisa Bloodgood says:

    Ooh!! I’d love to go to Hong Kong! My friend got me a fan and a pair of jade chopsticks when he went. He also got me a cheongsam dress, but had to give it to another friend because even though I insisted I’m a size whatever, he got one that was at least 2 sizes too small. Oh, well, I find those here, too, anyway. :-)

  3. MW says:

    Hi Crabby,

    I found your site through google blog search, which has become my new favorite thing. I searched blogs for Sham Shui Po, and tada, your blog came up.

  4. alyssa says:

    Hong Kong never closes down on a Sunday, actually, it never closes down, period…. It’s fast becoming one of the fashion capitals of the world.

    As for good dim sum and bars, go to TST & Jordan for great Chinese restaurants and Soho for an amazing choice of international restaurants and bars. Every night there is something on, from the opera to jazz to rock live music, dance clubs, chill-out bars, and more!

    This city is full of highly-skilled & educated expats who migrate there. It is an atmosphere unlike any other.

  5. Cee Thompson says:

    Hey everyone,

    Great posts all over this FI site!
    Question though… I’m a designer myself, interested in sourcing fabrics overseas in Hong Kong- even Italy-Paris for my client; however I’ve never done this before and I’m quite sure this route may be beneficial as many people have suggested I go oversea’s (seeing as we can afford it) because the quality and appeal is a lot better then here at home (Canada)….
    My only fear is being takin’ for a ride once I get there. I’m afraid of being ripped off or not being able to communicate due to language barriers…

    Is it a lot easier then I’m making it appear to be? Is there some sort of language interpreter for hire that I can get to come to all of these fabric boutiques and factories with me? How much does someone like that cost?

    I’m confused but eager and surly I know that, where there is a will- there is a way… So I’ll get to HK at some point.. I’d just prefer to go into this with a plan first.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated everyone!


  6. Kathleen says:

    Probably the best thing to do is crib off of people who’ve done it already -if they’re willing to share. Miracle is nothing if not intellectually generous but she, like most of our most knowledgeable and experienced members, rarely posts on the blog, just the forum. The forum (which most site visitors never see) is the most active part of this site.

    Another option is to buddy up with someone who’s going wherever you want to go. For example, a whole group of us from F-I are going to Colombia in January. You just have to poke around a bit. Miracle did a tremendous amount of research.

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