Miracle and me

I don’t recall how this topic came up but it’s not the first time that someone has mentioned that Miracle has written some hard hitting comments against some of my posts and why do I let her comment? Well, there’s a couple of reasons. First of all, Miracle is more than a commenter; she’s another author on this blog. While this is my blog, she is here at my request. And yes, she is quick to point out her disagreements with me -and I with her- but we both feel that the expression of our divergent opinions regarding apparel manufacturing and retailing is of tremendous benefit to our readers.

Miracle does retail and I do production; in real life, retailers and manufacturers have nothing to do with each other. Even in the most civilized encounters, each group disparages the other which is better than heaving furniture or hurling projectiles which is really what each would prefer to do. The traditional relationship between retail and manufacturing can be euphemistically described as “antagonistic”. I asked Miracle to write on this blog precisely because we don’t always agree.

I am not someone who prefers the company of people who always agree with me, I tend toward the opposite. I am intellectually stimulated by people who disagree with me provided they offer well constructed arguments to that effect. They help me define the holes in my own positions making my comprehension that much better. Some people cannot tolerate dissenting opinion. I can only think those people lack the conviction born of confidence that’s created through intellectual rigor. If one is diffident of their process, an over-compensating strategy of surrounding oneself with only the like minded is common. Some people avoid conflict as a way of maintaining their boundaries; they don’t like to be challenged. Miracle and I use conflict to expand and transcend our boundaries. We grow.

All of that is too wordy for what I mean to say. Miracle and I feel that our debate is of benefit to you. Here we can agree to disagree to educate you. She is an expert to my benefit, not at my expense. In real life and although we’ve never met, we are close friends. We have a lot in common. She’s also a vegetarian :)

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