Miami Beach day 1A

Boy, I’m tired and I haven’t even started day two. A group of us from F-I got together last night. Altogether, we ended up with Ron, Biren, Scotty, Laura, Graham, Dave, Tom, Sharon, Bob, Vesta, Sarah, Amy, Mike, Lorraine, Eric, Randy, and JC. I’m missing some pictures of people or they didn’t come out well.

First up, left to right is Vesta Garcia (EllaRoo) and Lorraine Palermo (Patternworks).

Next up is Eric Husman and Tom Witt.

Below is Biren Patel, Fine Cotton Inc (sells bamboo too).

Below is Laura Launer.

Next up is Lorraine and Randy from Patternworks.

Below is Mike and Amy Cerny (Fit Couture).

Next up is Graham (aka Cracker in the forum) and Sarah. I don’t know Sarah’s last name. I found her in the hotel lobby yesterday morning and invited her along.

Below is Sharon Lehrmitt and her husband Bob. They’ve been very successful in the interiors industry for many years, now obviously moving into apparel.

Last but not least for today is JC Sprowls. Some of my pictures didn’t come out well. I’m missing a picture of Dave too.

Well, I’m going back out again today. After I meet up with Janice Wang (Alvaforms), I’m going to look at fabric and trims. Tomorrow I’ll follow up with the machine and technology people I scanned yesterday and hope to get an interview with the founders of Tukatech, Ram and his wife -and I’m too fried to remember her name this instant but she is both the brains (a physicist) and the beauty of their operation. Ram won’t mind that I said that.

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  1. Victoria says:

    Thanks for the pics! I’ve been lurking about for some time without comment. I have developed infinite respect for this site and the people who post here. It is so nice to put a face with the name. Enjoy!!

  2. Eric H says:

    Laura’s husband Scotty didn’t get in any of the pictures, but he has a really cool business. He teaches survival swimming to children at a place called aquachild.

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