Men’ s Wear Trend Fall/Winter 2006

In keeping with the recent postings on finessing the construction of men’s suits comes this trend report from The Federation of Image Consultants.

The New Dress Code: The most dramatic change in menswear will be the shift towards formal suiting and structured garments. This year we will see the return of the suit, a fashion phenomenon not seen since the 1980s. Tailored jackets are the key item and the most effective way of updating a man¹s silhouette.


Boardroom: Out of the boardroom and onto the streets, the iconic suit has leaped from the world of business into the mainstream. A surge in the market for male grooming products and services, together with dressed up male celebrities in the spotlight, has increased the interest in tailoring.

The report also includes information for women’s wear. Apparently, women’s fashions call for more suiting, piggybacking on the trend for men. Also forecasted to be popular is form fitting attire along with growing interest in vintage inspired gowns. You can read a synopsis of the full report here.

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