Meet up at TexProcess

Howdy all. Just a quick message to remind those attending the show here in Atlanta, to meet up with us. If you’re interested of course.

Midday meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) to eat lunch is at noon, meet at the food kiosks at the back of the exhibition hall. We are the friendly folks with little stars on our badges.

End of day, we’re meeting at the top of the escalators at 5:00 PM and will go someplace for dinner, TBA. Tonight we went to Truva, there were 20+ of us there. Join us tomorrow, we’ll be delighted to meet you, no need to be shy.

Worst case, call my cell, 575-635-8131.

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  1. Denise Roxenhamn says:

    Hi Kathleen, I haven’t been in here for a good while..been crazy busy.

    can I ask what kind of show it is there in Atlanta?
    I hope that isn’t a silly question. but all I can read is attending a show in Atlanta, also I might as well ask when it is or maybe get the ling to the info about this.

    Thank you :)

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