May I suggest FedEx?

The selection of a shipping company is no less challenging for designers than for any other business. You want a shipper that doesn’t smash or sling your boxes around, disrupting or crushing the cargo -to say nothing of delivering in a timely manner. In that vein, may I suggest FedEx? Apparently, FedEx shipped five kittens from South Carolina to Vermont; the kittens had been accidentally sealed inside a box containing farm implements. The 3 week-old kittens arrived 2 days later -hungrier- but no worse for wear. Read the story here.

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  1. Gigi says:

    What an amazing story! How sweet that they have a surrogate Mommy. :-) Good thing I wasn’t the one opening the box, I would have had to take them all home!

  2. Just to even out the score:
    A friend of mine who manufactures accessories had a big order from Henri Bendel’s in NY which she worked her ass off to ship on time. A month later, HB called her to ask where the @#$% their order was. Perplexed, she called FedEx to track it, and learned that the truck had crashed and burned to a crisp, destroying everything inside. And FedEx never called her…I mean, that’s just lame.

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