Magic, WWIN, Project & Pool review: Lameka

Next we have a trip report from Lameka Weeks who attended in order to scout resources for her pending line. Her line is Height Goddess; a tall women’s line focused on fit and much needed style for tall women’s clothing. She also requests that if you’re a tall woman (5’9″ or more) or know a tall woman, to please go to her website, fill out a brief survey and include your email address.

This is my third trip to the shows but my first time to the Feb Shows. I attended WWIN, POOL, Magic and Project. Before, I went with my mother who was a buyer for Belk for many years before opening her own boutique. With her I have been making trips to NY show rooms since my freshman year of college. The last few years I accompanied her and her partner to the August shows. This time, my purpose for attending the shows was to look for a sales rep and to see if there were other markets where I could place my line.

WWIN was the first show I visited and it was all about business. No-hype orders were written. I say that because to me, Magic has always seemed more about about hype than anything else although I did see business being done but the overall atmosphere wasn’t like WWIN. If I were to show my line I would choose WWIN and/or Project. Another benefit I like is that WINN offers free breakfast, lunch and a happy hour!

The lines at WWIN seemed more mature and established than lines at the other shows. There were a range of products there like shoes, accessories, clothing, and promotional items. My mom has always placed the majority of her orders at WINN. She did mention that the crowd and number of vendors seemed lite vs. previous shows. Even though this was my first February show, I thought so as well. We were done seeing all vendors sooner than normal.

My favorite was Project. It was full of energy and seemed like business was being done at the same time. It was a fun, creative atmosphere. I also like their give aways. I get more compliments on the free bag they gave last year, than I do for my expensive bags.

Pool seemed to be more about seeing who’s new and it didn’t feel like much business was being done when I visited on Tuesday.

I must say the best part was the meet-up with the gang from Fashion-Incubator. I learned so much in the time we spent together!

I hope this is helpful and I’m glad I could finally contribute something.

P.S. If you’re a tall woman (5’9″ & above) or know a tall woman, please go to my website and give me your email address and fill out a brief survey. Thanks!

Kathleen here.
Lameka is tall. Very tall. Or TALL I should say. Six foot or maybe 6’1″. She’s also single. We old married ones were quite smitten with her over dinner and of course, butting in to things that don’t concern us, wanted to find a nice tall boyfriend for her. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that. Below is a picture of Lameka (not the best, sorry about that, she is quite beautiful), she’s on the right. April Femrite is to her left. April showed her line at the Eco show.

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  1. Helen says:

    Lameka, please please please make pants besides jeans in 36″+ inseams! I’d love Height Goddess forever and ever (promise). I took the survey.

  2. Lameka says:

    Oh my goodness I’m not going to get any dates with that picture. lol

    Helen thank you for taking the survey, my inseams are 37 & 39! Would you buy an unhemmed dress pant?

  3. Lameka,

    I’ll go take your survey. I’d buy an unhemmed dress pant, but I’d really love it if someone made tops with l-o-n-g sleeves and tail. I can buy pants that fit–that’s where everyone stops. Tall pants. Jackets and shirts are a different story all together. And waistlines on dresses–forget it. Always high. This is why I’ve been a home sewer all my life–I custom my clothing to fit me.

    Good luck with your line. Please post when you have photos available.


  4. Tiffany says:

    I’m 6’1″ and a shopaholic. I can’t wait until your line is up. I just finished taking your survey. Now I have to email all my tall friends and tell them about your site. Good luck.

  5. Helen says:

    I’d absolutely buy unhemmed pants, because then I could have 1 pair for heels and 1 pair for flats. It’s a thrilling thought.

  6. Diane says:

    I always thought women’s pants should be sized like the mens with waist and inseam. At 5’11”, a 36″ inseam is perfect to wear with heels. Yes, I wear heels that make me even taller. The only flats I own are flip flops!

  7. Well Lameka, good thing I’m married because I wouldn’t be getting any dates with that picture either:)

    I did try and hook Lameka up with some guys we sat next to at the Flamingo bar (they were showing at Magic) but it was no go. However we did score some free shots of Patron!

    I wish I was a tall girl so I could buy your jeans – I will of course refer my tall girlfriends to Height Goddess:)

  8. Sandra Castile says:

    Lameka, I can’t wait until you have your tall line up and running, because you know us tall women need a decent length on our long legs. Supporting you all the way, Aunt Sandra.

  9. Alison -Ms. Jazzy says:

    I’m about to witness a flower bloom…, your line Height Goddess this is becoming a reality for the Tall Women in my Life! I Can be 5’9 with heels on! I can purchase your Jeans!!!!….Love your Shortest Aunt!

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