MAGIC Trip Report: Sally Beers

This report comes from my friend Sally, a pattern maker with many years of experience in the business.

Anyhow, for me Magic was a place to meet clients that I have only spoken to or emailed; face to face certainly makes a difference.

Although the sheer scope of the “show” can be overwhelming (in fact impossible to see everything) I did take in much and could see work that I never would be able to see in a retail environment. There were some wonderful creations that may never make it to the stores.

I particularly enjoyed the lowest priced show spaces for the “young” lines in the “Pool” tents. The atmosphere was human scale unlike the convention center or the hotels. By the way one of the things I like least about Vegas is that it over-scales everything from casinos, stores, hairdos, tits, heels, plates of food and vehicles. The larger than life, flashy abundance doesn’t help me want to study or consume. It certainly works for some though. Anyway I digress; the Pool show was relaxed and breezy helped by the bright, white, light weight fabric of the tents. Things had a softer, non grid like structure there. A dj spinning in the back surrounded by occupied cafe type tables and chairs.

The lighting was not fluorescent and the mood was conducive to strolling. Their catalogue was intended to inspire with pages of art as well as contact info. For me a stand out presenter was Edoc Laundry that was billed as “the world’s first interactive clothing brand”. They sell encoded tee’s that tell a story and provide clues to solve a mystery. Good looking graphics outside and in, that entertain. There were many other fresh ideas in the tents. Hopefully someone will report on them.

Of some interest to me was the Curve show of swim wear and lingerie. There I can say that Chiari (Chari Coffey) was a memorable new lingerie source. Just found her site but it has no actual work on it.

And lastly I took in a few presentations. One by Promostyl made the connection between apparel design, furniture and architecture. Apparel as industrial or applied design interests me. There were others but I am running out of steam and right now they are a blur of contractor connections and branding advice.

I would attend again.

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  1. Francisco says:

    Yes Magic is the retailers big Event four times a year to get to see new trends , meet new vendors and just shmooze.
    If you are in retail it’s a must go.
    See you there.

  2. Chari Coffey says:

    Thank you Sally, Loved meeting both you and Kathleen. Also what a great find this web site is. Glad you both stopped by my booth.
    and thanks again for good words about my line.
    Best to you both.

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