MAGIC Show February 13-16, 2007

The next MAGIC show will be February 13-16, 2007 in Las Vegas. This is the largest wholesale show of retail apparel goods in the US. Another component of the show is sourcing. If you’re looking for goods and services, this is an opportunity you may not want to miss. I am not certain if the sourcing badge will get you into the wholesale apparel booths which would be a problem for those looking for a future sales rep or show room. However, the sourcing badges will get you into a number of seminars you may find of interest. Registration is under way now; the deadline is January 26 if you want to get your badge by mail. Anyone registering after that must pick up their badges at the show.

Registrants must be qualified to attend. If you’ve already been producing a line, you will need three invoices for fabric purchases, a business card and a business license. If you’ve yet to launch your line and lack these credentials, you can still get in but you need a business card and a completed registration form. There is a $100 fee for manufacturers to attend. You’ll note the information I’ve provided varies slightly from the information on site. That’s because I called for clarification.

I don’t know if I’m going but I’m registering -or attempting to- anyway. I fall into a grey area; I’m neither a manufacturer nor buyer so I’m going to try for press credentials. The problem is that they say “no personal web logs (blogs)” but mine isn’t personal; it’s industrial, B2B, and I don’t know if they mean blogs period (recent incidents in NY gave bloggers a black eye) or just personal ones. I’ll keep you posted and maybe some of us can meet there. If any of you are planning on attending and would like to meet, I’ll post a meeting time and place if someone organizes one.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I’d like to attempt to attend, except I have no previous credentials and at the moment I can’t pay the $100 dollar fee. I’m also starting to work with someone who is putting together an industry directory/ search engine and we could sure use the resources and contacts from the show. We’re doing this on our own time and money (trying to get financing). If you can find a way to get in, please let me know.

  2. Thierry says:

    I will be attending the MAGIC show and if I can help I will do so.

    Actually, I am also looking for sales reps to take on 2 British menswear collections:
    1. a great italian inspired collection of knits and jersey shirts
    2. a total look from suits, shirts, pants … going well alongside brands like kenneth cole, paul smith …

  3. Brooke says:

    Free Press Pass to the Magic Show. I will be attending the Magic Show in Vegas this year and I am looking for an assistant Feb 13th – 16th.

    I will be there interviewing A-list celebs for a short video and I need an assistant to help me out with small task (taking notes, attend all fashion events, interact with retailers and celebrities…). The assistant will receive a press pass (VIP access to all fashion events) and passes to all of the celeb parties and events during that week.

    The dates are Feb 13-16th in Las Vegas.
    I prefer students, but welcome all that are interested and are willing to dedicate 110% effort to the project.

    If not the fit for you, all references will be excepted.


  4. Chris Bernat says:

    My company will be in the Sourcing Section in the Original Design section (Booth # OD20595). We specialize in making one-of-a-kind and limited edition t-shirts and large run performance apparel using digital sublimation and direct-to-garment technologies. We will be making prototypes in the booth at the show for qualified brands and retailers.

    Check us out at the show. Minimum Orde ris 6 Shirts…

  5. Charles Mulagwe says:

    Send notifications on the upcoming Magic Show in July – September 2007 so that I prepare some more companies in Eastern and Central Africa to attend.

  6. Taryn says:

    I am unable to attend the Magic Show this March but am looking for Reps interested in a line of Children’s Clothing that is currently taking off in the USA, I already have Reps covering the East Coast but need on the West Coast and am aiming to get set up for the Summer 2008 line. Please email if there is any interest or if someone has some contacts that they can pass onto me. The line is made from 100% cotton, it has been in business for 17 years and is made in South Africa. The styling is fun and imaginative and is made to reflect the vivacity, energy and creative expression of young children while still being fashion forward and truly adorable! Thank you in advance for any interest!

  7. Mark Miller says:

    For full disclosure I must state that I am a former Magic Exhibitor and have since left the show as ADVANSTAR is NOT an easy company to work with…It has been my feeling in the years that I have done so that their biggest concern is getting your check in the mail and cashing it….everything else is secondary. They are big, impersonal and you are just a number with a cue behind you if you should leave the show. (We did do a significant amount of business at the show BUT the majority of the attendance is NOT our customer…we beleive that our customer will see us when we move to another show) That being said…Here is my take on the Sourcing which I went to over the summer.

    Last August I finally made it out to see the sourcing portion of Magic. It was dissapointing. If you are looking to produce offshore…there were alot of people to see. As a domestic manufacuter of Outerwear I left the show with take-aways from a Hanger Maker (USA based) and a beaded patch manufacturer (India)also an embelishment company that was based in Flordia. we have not yet used any of those finds.
    though we MAY in the future…

    I was able to walk the show in less than a day.
    I actually flew out for just ONE day (from the east coast) went to Magic and looked at 2 other shows (advance screening for possible entry, one of which I will exhibit in this February During the Magic Show….MODA Las vegas)

    Of particular dissapointment for me was the Print Section. My expectation was far different from the reality. I may have mis-read or just had a different thought on what I would see. The Print Resource contained many wonderful graphic designers who made or were selling origional prints. The work was varied and Very Good…but that was it. You were on your own as far as getting it printed or sourcing the right type of goods to print on. It would have been far more helpful if they had put together Printers, fabric suppliers and graphic Designers….THAT would have been a “print resource”. i felt like ADVANSTAR dropped the ball on this project.

    I would likely go back to Magic Sourcing EVERY other year ….just to see (or unless I got a VERY cheap flight).

    M Miller

  8. S. Frickell says:

    I would like to know if anyone can tell me if this is the place for me to take a collection of prints of tee shirts and promote my product at the show. Also someone wrote this is not the place to find a printer or distributer. Does anyone have a good suggestion on which show for designers that has everything in one place?

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