Look what I bought

I think this is cute. I got it from Decades of Style Pattern Company. They rework vintage patterns for modern sizing, testing them extensively and sewing up samples. I haven’t tested mine yet but I’m very pleased with the service which was very fast. If you also like vintage patterns, check my del.icio.us links.

On a related matter, Danielle and I are working on a project together. It’s called how to hire a fashion illustrator. We’re using this style as the sample for the postings (the style will be changed quite a bit). If there are any questions you’d like to have answered regarding how to hire an illustrator, please add them to comments. Our first post will be up tomorrow.

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  1. Liana says:

    I have this pattern too! I keep thinking seersucker for coolness, but I don’t think it would have the proper drape, so it sits and waits for inspiration, or fabric, to strike. I also bought the 1950’s Suitdress, which is really intricate. I haven’t started that one either, but was very pleased to get an email from Decades of Style telling me some corrections/suggestions that they are giving for it. I agree that their service is very fast, and very good.

  2. Judith says:

    I love vintage sewing patterns. I have 200 of them from 1898 -1965. I have some past 1965 to the early 70’s but I do not consider this vintage and I plan on selling them.

  3. Christina says:

    How exciting to hear about the vintage patterns, I would love to see more. What a great idea to start a business that modifies them for todays bodies. I too have a collection of vintage patterns – but only a handful at this stage. I was just modifying one today as it turns out. The patterns themselves are so different, I have one from the 70’s (which I do consider vintage, Judith!) that looks to be a dress in 3 pieces, but it is actually only 2. I intend to post a bit on my new blog to explain what I mean, if that did not make sense.
    Just on that… due to the ‘manufacturer’s blogs’ posts I have decided to start one of my own. I realise there are a lot out there, I do intend to use this sites discussion forum as discussed earlier though. So I am the same Christina but with a different URL.

  4. laurra says:

    I remember long ago working at a fabric store in georgia. Each month we would throw away hundreds of discontinued patterns. Off crouse after work i would dive in the dumpster at the back of the store and retrieve them. I wonder if fabric stores still throw patterns away.If they do they should have the salvation army pick them up but then why, my husband says no one sews in todays world. I think that will change with todays patternsoftwear but then maybenot I saw some nice jeans at wallmart for $10.65 laura

  5. Martha McSherry says:

    I have this pattern too! And, like Liana, I am awaiting perfect fabric. I also have #4801 1948 Evening Gown with Cowl Neck and Waist Drape which I am looking forward to making as well.

  6. Josh says:

    It’s true Laurra, Now one sews at home anymore. Or atleast very few people do. And the fabric stores have all shut down really. My mother has sewn her own clothes for almost her entire life. She started sewing her own clothes when she was 12. I remember as a kid playing in all of the local fabric stores around here, and there were plenty. And now they are gone. Fond memories of the fabric stores!

  7. Judith says:

    Laurra, for the most part fabric stores send the discontinued patterns back to the company they came from. The pattern companys will hold on to them for a few years and sell them as discontinued patterns. A few months ago I ordered a discontinued Vogue pattern from N.J and I got the last one that they had. Large companys like this will never give away anything for free. They would throw it in the garbage first. I know of companys that throw away good things. I worked for one of them. If you get caught takeing something out of the garbage dumpster the company will fire you. The compay tells you this when they hire you. Some people do still sew. I found someone where I live to sew for me for $10 per hr. She does sewing for her whole family and for other people too. A lot of people sew in my area. Loads of people quilt. The sad thing is its hard to find nice fabric, fabric stores have to went to such crap!!! This again depends on where you live I guess if you get to have decent fabric. When I go out to Ore I drool over the fabric out there. There are such lovely fabric stores out there.
    I live in the crap part of Fl and Iam not going to drool over polyester.
    I am really heading in the direction of having my clothing made. Iam tired of looking at the crap that I have to pick from that’s out there.
    Sad, but true most people will buy cheap clothing at Wal-Mart.
    I have gotten better prices at dept stores at 75% off then at Wal-Mart.

  8. Battlepanda says:

    I’ve found it much better to shop for fabrics online than to go to the local Joann’s. Better selection, better prices. Some even have a no-hassle return policy. If you live in a small town there is also the possibility that there is a small mom-pop fabric store. I had one when I lived in Mount Airy where lots of women still run up their own drapes even though nobody sews their own clothes anymore.

  9. Gidget says:

    I don’t understand the posts about how no-one sews their own clothes anymore. Sometimes I think I’m living in this strange tunnel, lol.
    I can’t bring myself to spend $15 for kids pj’s when I know I can go home and make some that fit (especially in length) for about $6 and there are tons of home sewers with photo blogs showing off their stuff.

    I think the latest resurgance in knitting and other needleworks is bringing in many home sewers again, especially as the boomers age and have fitting problems. Maybe the problem was a lack of early exposure from mentors or loss of home-ec classes for generation X combined with a boomer generation that had the money to purchase the clothes, which created an empty slump for awhile, but I’ve seen it and they’re back.

    I love vintage patterns here too. I clean my house in a calico dress/apron number. That cool cotton and huge pockets on what I call my convenient ‘dustrag’ apron inspires me to clean and pickup and the kids know it’s cleaning day when I don it. LOL

  10. trish says:

    I understand from a colleague who owns two fabric and sewing machine stores that young people are beginning to sew again because of watching Project Runway. What great news!!!

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