Logo design contest

Miracle says that Fashion Incubator needs a logo and that I should sponsor a design contest, soliciting entries from visitors. I think that’s a fine idea but I have no idea what kind of prize to offer. Do you all have any ideas?

Also, ideally the logo would work as a favicon.

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  1. Could you do a logo that is a simplified and idealized version of your book cover – the dress form – Kathleen? Your book is so important to who you are, it would be good to make a direct assciation to it.

  2. Kathleen says:

    While I’m happy to give books, I don’t think that’s much of an incentive. I mean, I can give those as runner up prizes but I was thinking the winner’s prize would be something along the lines of pattern services or consulting or something.

  3. Cerebella says:

    As a prize, KF’s book will not be much of an incentive because most of us have, hopefully, had the sense to buy it already…

    What would appeal to me as a prize: to have my website get a a prominent, image-based link on Fashion Incubator’s navigator for, say, a year as well as a consultation in the form of a question a week for, say, 12 weeks on fashion incubator.


  4. stylebites says:

    Don’t forget to make a Favicon too! (It’s that little icon that’s on the URL bar when you go to a site…also saved in the bookmark folder when you bookmark a site.)

    Really pretty…I (heart) favicons!

  5. Kathleen says:

    I want to do whatever is fun and fair. Equitable. Somebody already sent a logo in today which was really cool! I haven’t written her yet but I’d suggest people consider their color choices with regards to their submission ideas, keeping in mind that I kind of already have colors picked out (red,whitish grey and blue). the logos I got today were cool but I’d have to redesign the entire color scheme and font choice for my whole site to “match” the logo to the site. Personally, I don’t like green. It’s great if you want to use it but for me, being old-school, green means one is not trustworthy.

    So far people’s ideas on prizes are good. I don’t know about an entire year’s worth of linking from an ad -in addition to *other* goodies- tho :). And not because I can’t be generous. I just don’t like looking at ads or listening to them. Hence the absence of them on my site. I really should get some tho. That’d help pay the bills and pay for the site and service it provides.

  6. J C Sprowls says:

    How do you mean that green means one is not trustworthy? I presume this applies to signs, logos, and printed materials.

    Would you please elaborate on this? I understand how aesthetics put me off; but, I’ve never experienced colors doing that, too.

  7. laurra says:

    Hey all,
    I want cash No, for me I would like a hand written letter on how she drafts sleeves.
    I have designed a logo it’s rather plain but less is more. Im glad she let us know what her fav colors are. laurra

  8. Carol Kimball says:

    Green has had bad press in the fashion industry (and others) for a long time. My guess is that it originates in Paris Green, which was an arsenic salt used in fabric dyes, paints (interior walls, wallpaper), etc. and which dusted out fairly easily. Anyone who spent much time around this fashionable color would slowly decline of heavy metal poisoning. Given the lack of hygiene, proper nutrition, sepsis, untrustworthy water supply, food spoilage, parasitical and other diseases (consumption) endemic at the time, a bit more push from anything could tip you right over the edge.

    Of course it was “bad luck”.

  9. shannon says:

    I have a word that I want to “trademark” and use in fashion for jeans/slacks. How does this work? Do I copy write, trademark or what?

  10. misty doran says:

    hello i would have a slogan that would say, “What wicked shoes you have!” I would use bright color with blacks, camos, and also browns. I would give you this slogan to you. I just want you to remember me. My name is Misty Doran and I was very excited to see you talking about having a contest for your fashions. Thanks for being a business that will try and give back to those starting out. I am in college now and getting a bachelors in vuisual communications. I give this to you as a sign of respect.

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