Literary women quiz

I found this quiz on Carmen Coletti’s site.

Which Classic Female Literary Character Are you?

You’re Elizabeth Bennett of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen!
Take this quiz!

You might have fun with the quiz. I rated it a “1”. The author of the quiz (not Carmen) asks women to rate themselves in shallow terms of the trade offs of love and money to the exclusion of all else. Accordingly, I found the quiz a bit insulting. But then, I am Elizabeth Bennett -although I wouldn’t really know if the description were apt because I’ve never read the book (girly-girl books never interested me) nor have I seen the movie because I was never into chick flicks either. Who do you score?

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  1. Karen C. says:

    I, too, am an “Elizabeth.” Maybe now I’ll finally read the book. Or watch one of the many movies made from the novel.

  2. Nadine says:

    Marianne Dashwood (Sense and Sensibility). Hmmm . . . not so much. But she was played by Kate Winslet, which is a plus.

    You’re right, Kathleen, silly quiz – I liked the princess one better.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Jane Eyre, as well.

    I particularly liked the part in the book where she was wandering around the countryside starving. A far cry from even the toughest moments of my life.

    And I agree about the quality of the quiz.

  4. Julie Knox says:

    I quite enjoyed Pride and Predjudice, and I don’t usually ready ‘girly-girl’ books either.

    It’s also interesting that it’s so old, and social customs have changed considerably yet it still makes a good story, and is still readable to someone today.

  5. J C Sprowls says:

    Ugh… I’m Elizabeth Bennett, too. I even tried to google for the classic male character – to no avail. I’ll have to ponder and venture a guess as to which male character I think is most similar…

  6. Lisa Laree says:

    Also Jane Eyre. Whose life experience bears not the slightest resemblence to mine. But I wouldn’t consider that to be a very accurate evaluation…the answers are terribly skewed to one side. On several, there just wasn’t an answer that reflected my opinion at all…and I had to go with the the only answer that even leaned the slightest bit in my direction.

    Who writes these things, anyway? ;)

  7. Elisabeth says:

    I got Marianne, though I’m much more like Elinor, her sister.

    I’d really recommend Pride and Prejudice. It’s not a “girly-girl” book – it’s a wonderful, humourous book that many guys love. Sure, it contains romance, but not in the typical manner. It’s also very satirical and ironic, in a subtle way, that just makes me laugh.

  8. Alas, I too am Lizzie Bennett but I’m okay with it because I really love Jane Austen and Pride & Prejudice. Well, all versions EXCEPT the one with Kierra Knightly which I thought was absolutely dreadful!

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