Launching at Pool pt.6

Daniel continues his description of launching at Pool. See previous entries one, two, three, four and five if you need to catch up. Daniel has also started a thread in the forum where he will feel more comfortable discussing proprietary issues affecting his line.
August 27th, 2007: First Day of Pool!!
Managed to sleep in to 05:30!

The era of the $5.00 steak dinner and cheap eats is all but gone in Las Vegas. They figured out a while ago that they didn’t need the lure of inexpensive food to keep people in Las Vegas. The best deal for me was the breakfast buffet at the MGM Grand (where I was staying). $15.07 with taxes and a really excellent selection of hot and cold foods.

At around 08:00 one of the models called me and asked if I’d like a ride to the trade show. She picked me up and away we went!

When I “decorated” the booth it looked plain, it needed some style and personality. I’m not too sure if this is something that you can plan for but by the afternoon as you can see below, the booth really looked like a booth.

For the first morning, traffic was light until about 13:00, and then things started to pickup. One of the models had a great idea. When someone hands you a business card write a number from 1-5 on the back. One indicates a cool lead and five a really hot lead. Also have some specific place to put the business cards for each day. I ended up using the denim bags for business cards.

I also stapled my business card to each informational brochure (different than the line sheet). Again, I can’t stress the value of having other people working with you. The models were invaluable doing miscellaneous tasks such as stapling business cards to brochures. They were also great at finding other freebies at the show. There was a Pool sponsored booth that was giving away flavoured water called Hint Water. They had mint, cucumber (it’s good – really), strawberry kiwi and raspberry lime. You forget how dry your mouth gets after talking for a few hours and how sore your throat gets by the end of the day. I would also recommend picking up some throat lozenges and use them through out the day.

I’m a pretty open person and don’t have too much difficulty talking with people. The models were also great at talking with the buyers. Though I wanted to come away with sales to new stores, there were other, larger goals for being at Pool. Reps, I wanted Reps!

There are only two badge types, one for buyers and one for exhibitors, so identifying Reps is almost impossible. I did have two of my “looking for reps” signs on the wall, so I hope that would help.

We would try to engage almost everyone walking by the booth. The results were good. People we stopped and talked with, who otherwise would have walked by were impressed with our custom concept. More than half of the overall leads were from people that would have passed us by.

Since the concept is jeans on demand, there are other applications that we have other than making branded jeans. We can easily “while label” the jeans and make them for ABC store. Stores usually have to order in large quantity to have items specialized for them. We can easily make store branded jeans because of our business model.

My photographer has not shown up yet and it’s lunchtime. I give her another call and leave yet another message.

Lunch, you are going to get hungry and as I found out the food at Pool was expensive. You got a nice shish kabob lunch with rice and a drink (I think) for $18!! As a contrast I later find out that MAGIC had a special deal for exhibitors at $5.00. I don’t know what the lunch was, but I can bet it was a good deal for $5.00!

Again, I can’t stress the usefulness of having other people working your booth with you. Since the models knew Las Vegas, they had a few recommendations for where to get food. Each day someone volunteered to pick-up lunch for everyone. I also brought in the snacks that I picked up at Wal-Mart.

The show wrapped up at 19:00 and I had no word from the photographer. I sent another email from the hotel.

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