Launching at Pool pt.3

Daniel continues his launch journal for the month of July (previous entries).

July 3rd, 2007: Pool -55 days
On vacation until July 16th and spent the past few days planning it all out! Though I did get some miscellaneous work done.

July 6th, 2007: Pool -52 days
Found out that for POOL, they have setup an eco-friendly area called S(eco)nd. Emailed to get the requirements for participating. Found out that they need samples, but I’ll have to wait until I get home to send them out.

July 16th, 2007: Pool -42 days
Managed to do a few things on vacation (including reading FI!). I finalized the selection of the models. It was actually a difficult job but in the end I selected three people and a fourth as a backup.

Sent out the samples to POOL for participating in S(eco)nd.

Getting ready for a trade show makes you realize how many other “things” need to be ready that don’t directly relate to the show, but never-the-less you need or want to have them:
• I haven’t updated the website in a few months – gotta do that.
• There are areas of the website that I still have to write before I update them – gotta do that.
• Scan articles/clean-up PDF files from articles for the website – gotta do that

I’ve have to do something every day if I’m going to be ready.

July 17th, 2007: Pool -41 days
Finally booked a room for POOL, now I’ve got to find a flight. I’m attending a wedding on the Saturday before POOL and I need to be in Las Vegas for Sunday to complete the booth set-up. Thank you to for the hotel assistance and Travelocity/Expedit/Orbitz for flight searching.

Found a good flight on US Air for $600. Also found a few auctions on eBay for round trip vouchers on US Air. I hope to snag one for around $300.

There are a few new style options that I need to finish making for the jeans. Have to send them to the manufacturer and flash programmer too.

July 18th, 2007: Pool -40 days
Finished the styles options and sent them out. Got my POOL package. The booth needs Internet access and it’s not in the extensive price list. Everything is expensive from having your booth moved into the show, individual pieces that don’t fit onto a pallet and you get to deal with the Teamsters Local Union #631 (

July 19th, 2007: Pool -39 days
Made the changes that reflect the environmental and social aspects of the company. Tweaked the logo that I had made and uploaded everything to the website.

I’ve sent out a notice to the models to have their jeans designed as soon as possible. I want to have extra time to send out the jeans to the models. I want to make sure the jeans fit and fix them if there is anything wrong with them.

July 20th, 2007: Pool -38 days
I want to have a metal wall at the back of the booth. Our retail offering is not standard. We do not have our actual clothing in the stores. Since our clothes are custom, it is impossible to have them in the stores, so that is why we use the display pack. I would affix the tin to the wall with magnets. This would allow us to be creative with different designs or shapes that can be created with the UDP.

Wow. It took almost four hours to find what I’m looking for, but they’re going to get back to me.

One of the models suggested that I have a back-up person in case one of the models can’t make it to the trade show. Good idea. She has a few friends to recommend. I look through their resumes and pictures and send out an email to one of them.

July 23rd, 2007: Pool -35 days
Working on the RepGuide and Retail store guide. I want explain to Reps and Stores about the line and why is is really different.

If I’m going to have models at the show, I’ll need them to wear the brand’s t-shirts. Start to call around to get pricing.

I want to have a give-away for the trade show, but I’m not too sure what to hand out. I’ve got a few recommendations like restaurant gift certificates and bottles of wine, but I’m sure I can do better. People would need to drop off a business card in a bowl for a chance to win.

While I like these ideas, I want to do something more practical. I understand the basic idea of the contests and such is to get business cards so that you can follow up with leads. However I’ve placed my business card in many of these contests only to win the prize. Most times I have no interest in the product/service offered. While I know I’ll get leads from these efforts, I just think there is a better way to get qualified leads at the show.

July 24th, 2007: Pool -34 days
The first version of the Rep guide is finally done. Time to get people’s feedback.

July 25th, 2007: Pool -33 days
Branding and marketing (IMHO) is the name of the game. The gift certificate system and packaging that I’ve created, up to this point does not have an official and good sounding name.

I’ve confirmed that the steel that I want for my booth can be cut to size and delivered to the hotel.

Start to write the press release announcing participation in POOL. I need to get the booth number from POOL before sending out any releases or notices.

Still reminding some of the models to get me their orders ASAP.

Working on the Retail buying guide.

July 26th, 2007: Pool -32 days
Follow-up with one of the photographers about doing a photo shoot and she is available. I’ve taken a look at her portfolio and its good. We start a dialogue on pricing and what I want for the shoot and settle on a really great deal for me. $300 plus a few pairs of jeans and in return she’ll shoot pictures and some video at the trade show and a full day of shooting the models when the show is over.

July 27th, 2007: Pool -31 days
Okay, I’ve though it over some more about my contest and give aways. There will be a daily contest for a free pair of jeans and I’m going to have three different give-aways.

The first two are just naturals, the denim bag that I use to mail out the jeans and the gift certificate tin. The third is good too, a key chain. I asked my manufacturer to take the leather label, place an eyelet in the top right corner and thread it with t small chain – voila, a key chain!

July 30th, 2007: Pool -28 days
Miracle referred me to a great email marketing site called (please let me know if you are interested in even a trial. If I make you a referral, then we can both get a $30 credit!). It’s a cool site that lets you design and send emails. What’s good about it is that it’ll keep statistics on your emails, manage rejects and automatically allows people to unsubscribe.

My press release is the first of several emails using Constant Contact. This one goes out to all of the contacts that I got from the POOL people.

July 31st, 2007: Pool -27 days
Miracle sent me a great lead – DirectivesWest. They are having an open-to-look day. I’m not able to attend, but I do follow-up with them to see if they will be at POOL. They are and would like to come by and check out the line.

Still making changes to the Rep and Retail Guides.

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  1. bethany says:

    That is awesome. I am totally interested, but due to Rosh Hashana, I am not working until Monday. So amazing, I have been thinking of a newsletter for some time and just haven’t gotten around to doing anything about it.

  2. colleen says:

    Daniel, I’m enjoying your entries, especially the cost saving tactics. Thank you for including prices for the services – models, photographer, etc. I’m looking forward to reading more!

  3. Yahzi Rose says:

    Thanks Daniel, I love the day to day progression.

    If you -or anyone else- would like to see some sample Constant Contact emails, I send out a monthly newsletter with them. I’ve archived them here

    It’s very easy to use and track responses. The price is average in comparison. tip.. if you use an AMEX you get cash back on your card!

  4. CDBehrle says:

    Thank you both, Daniel & Yahzirose for the ConstantContact info and examples. With a new website & store, what I’ve been learning about internet marketing has been making me feel overwhelmed with all the stuff I need to do -just online!
    I’d heard about CC but hadn’t looked it up till reading this post. How would I put Daniel down as a referral? I’d be very happy to.

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