Launching at Pool pt.2

Daniel continues from part one

June 18th, 2007

Got this notice in my inbox about the POOL show in Las Vegas. WEAR Canada (part of the Canadian Apparel Federation) is enticing members to show at POOL for a reduced rate $3500 Cdn vs $4000 US. It includes most everything that I’d need like the booth, racks, table and chairs.

With the Canadian dollar almost at par this seems like good value for the money, but am I ready? I’ve never been to POOL or MAGIC. Most everything that I’ve read says that you should walk the floor before you attend the show.

My gut is telling me, “This is the time to strike!!” I’ve got some good mojo going after taping a segment for a TV show here in Canada. The show won’t air until October, but it’ll make for great TV.

I’ll have to mull it over. I’m figuring that it’s going to cost at least $10K by the time I factor in advertising, models, brochures, travel and everything else.

June 19th, 2007

Starting to do some initial research into hiring models. I’m figuring that this will be the second largest expense after the tradeshow itself. I’m figuring 3-4 models would be good.

Ouch$! $45 per hour, $60 per hour, $1000 per day. I didn’t realize that there were different types of “models”. There are the ones that you hire just to stand there and look pretty and then there are those who look pretty and basically sell your product! That makes sense, I never really though about it, but they can do double duty. I’ll have to see about doing this in a more cost effective manner.

June 20th, 2007

After spending oodles of time researching POOL/MAGIC, going on YouTube to watch videos from the show, emailing friends and other about their experiences with the show, I’ve decided to attend. Now the real planning begins.

Started to look for models by searching on ModelMayhem and emailing those who have email addresses posted in their portfolio.

Send a notice to my manufacturer to make a few hundred denim bags (I send out the jeans in a bag made from reclaimed denim). I’m thinking bout using them as a promotional item, but I don’t know in what capacity. I figure it’s better to have them on hand.

CraigsList – Thank you Craig for making this site! I just posted a gig looking for models for the POOL show. I have to wait a full five minutes before the first resume comes in! I posted what I’m willing to pay ($15/hr and a $400 clothing allowance) and what the job entails.

June 23rd, 2007: Pool -65 days

I want to thank Miracle and Kathleen for all of their help. If not for Fashion-Incubator, I don’t think I would be attending the POOL show. Miracle recommended me asking POOL if they had a list of pre-registered Buyers for the show in order to send notices to them about my company being in attendance.

I’ve received about 75 resumes (so far) from Models. This is not an easy task sorting through the resumes looking for people who meet my expectations. Most of them have tradeshow experience, but don’t have too much life experience. Never the less, I have to look at pictures of pretty women. It’s a tough job, but I’m willing to do the tough work.

I need to have people with some sales experience. I want them to be able to talk with the Buyers in attendance and explain what makes my line different for the retailer and the consumer. The model needs to be comfortable talking with the buyers and getting them up to speed on our offerings. I want to have my dance card full by the time I’m at POOL with the Buyers who will be stopping by. There will be very little that I’m going to leave up to chance. I’d feel better going into the show know that *some* buyers will be at my booth.

Since I’m going to have models wearing the clothes, why not take advantage of the opportunity and get some professional pictures taken? I post a request to CraigsList looking for photographers.

With any luck, I’ll be sending out an email to list that I got from POOL. It’s not a pre-registration list, but a “recent” list of registered attendees from a previous show. Lots of email addresses!

June 25th, 2007: Pool -63 days

Here’s the short To Do list of what needs to be completed before the show:

  • Get list of retailer attending
  • Post Card 6 by 9
    • Design oversized postcard to send to Buyers
    • Drop the Postcard off an get……some type of gift/freebie
    • Print extra with blank on the back for future use
  • Have a show special for new orders?
  • Promotion Ideas
    • Dinner Gift Cards, come see our line and dinner is on us!
      • Research gift card restaurants
    • Raffle of 2-3 jeans to registered buyers
  • Have a Buyer’s area on the website
  • Create a Line Sheet
    • See Fashion Incubator site for a reference
  • Have a Variety of Jeans for the show
    • Regular
    • Capri
    • Maternity
  • I need Reps!
    • Make a nice sign, “looking for Reps”
    • Rep Package
      • Company background info, been in business for X years. Delivery on time. Stability of factory and operations
      • Delivery process
      • Consignment and Upfront costs
      • Marketing Allowance
      • Low returns and cancellations
      • Retailer Incentive during tradeshow (free jeans etc….)
      • Photos and all collateral
      • List territories and vertical lines (petite, plus, maternity)
  • Hire the Models
  • Order the Model’s jeans in time for the show
  • Get passes
  • Arrange for hotel and flight
  • What do I need for the booth?
    • Can I design any aspects of it?
    • Power
    • A couple of extra computers (2?)

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  1. Birgitte Mutrux says:

    Daniel, thank you for writing this up in such detail. It will be an invaluable resource to me and everyone else who’s lucky enough to have stumbled upon Kathleen’s site and her book.

  2. elizabeth says:

    Daniel, thank you for the details and especially the numbers- was 10k your target, did you stay on the expected budget? What about the models, did you hire locally or had to fly them over?

  3. Daniel says:

    Hello Elizabeth,

    I won’t answer too many questions. You’ll get most of your answers as the things progress!

    The posting on CraigsList was for models in the Las Vegas area.


  4. Lisa Bloodgood says:

    Cool, this reminds me of the timelines in Kathleen’s book.
    I’ve had a hard time finding pants that fit and haven’t perfected a pattern for myself…hmm…

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