Last minute gift?

If it’s not too arrogant for me to say, maybe my book (over there in the left sidebar) would make a great last minute gift for the sewing obsessed on your list. The price is $65 and includes priority mail shipping. If you ordered today -by 4:00 PM MST- it’ll go out today and probably arrive just in time.

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  1. I recommend this book. The $65 you’ll spend will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars by helping you avoid mistakes in your business, especially if, like me, you have no experience in industrial production.

  2. La BellaDonna says:

    This book was my Christmas present to myself, along with the DVD, for which I wait with bated breath. I’m all happy and excited and distracted. And for what it’s worth, Kathleen, I like dragons in my margins! :)

  3. Patty Sampson says:

    I bought Kathleen’s book about 3 years ago, and it is dog-eared, high-lighted, and much read! She generously, and humorously guides new designer-entrepreneurs through the many steps needed to produce a line. It’s an essential tool!

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