Last Laugh

Last April I mentioned:

I think the recent spate of fashion criticisms directed at women belonging to the polygamist sect in Texas to be distasteful. I’m not defending their religious practices but I think it’s the height of tackiness to level superficial criticisms during what must be the most stressful event of their collective lives.

I am dismayed by people who feel compelled to kick people while they’re down and over something that doesn’t even matter. In that vein, John sent me a news piece today. Now who is having the last laugh?

Mothers say Texas raid forced them to market their clothing style. A new clothing brand may be born out of the Texas raid on a polygamous sect. FLDS women for the first time are offering their handmade, distinctive style of children’s clothes to the public through the Web site Launched initially to provide Texas authorities with clothing for FLDS children in custody, the online store now is aimed at helping their mothers earn a living. The venture, which has already drawn queries from throughout the U.S., is banking on interest in modest clothes, curiosity and charity to be a success.

Personally, I’m thrilled. I wish them all the best. I’d send them a book if they’d think it’d help. They certainly have the patterns down and they’ve got the workforce. What an exciting experiment to witness; barn raising a manufacturing company overnight. I wish I were closer and had an invite.

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  1. /anne... says:

    Think about it – it gives them independance, skills, contact with the outside world – all good things. I wish them well.

  2. ConnieBrz says:

    Coming out of lurk-dom to add my $.02

    Had the same reaction while reading this today– Good for them! Shows a tremendous amount of backbone with a side-helping of gumption. If you decide to send them a book, I’ll gladly chip in a few more than 2 cents to help pay shipping.

  3. Annie says:

    All for modesty in womens’ dress. Yes, I said dress not pants. I’m just afraid the market niche will be filled before I’m up and running.
    It is much more attractive on a woman than the outlandish flashing of flesh that some label as ‘fashion’.

  4. I really like the clothes. One of my pet peeves as a mother is how the clothing is for small girls. My 5 year old does not need to look like she is 16. These dresses are cute and allow a girl to move without a skirt hiking up. They are sweet and simple clothing.

  5. mamafitz says:

    my only hesitation is that this is run through the church, so i’m not sure the women themselves are going to get the money. From this article:

    According to an FLDS spokesman, the women are paid per item sewn, and if they draw in more revenue than is needed to cover expenses, it is shared with other families.

    So a woman couldn’t start accumulating some cash if she was hoping to leave.

  6. J C Sprowls says:


    Nah… I don’t think that “surplus earnings” will be a problem. Just like waiting table, the pooling of tips or the pooling of “surplus earnings” simply encourages mediocrity.

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