LA textile show meet up

If you’re in LA for the international textile show, a group of 10-15 people from F-I is meeting for lunch today after the green seminar at 11:30. Otherwise, see the thread in the forum for more details. People have posted their cells if you want to meet up with kindred.

Speaking of meeting up with kindred, Rene Geneva called me Sunday on her drive to Los Angeles where she’ll be showing her line on October 17, at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. We met at Barnes & Noble for coffee. Here’s a picture of Rene and her charming son. The boy was quite tired of driving by then.

If any of you happen to be coming through town, don’t be a stranger!. Call me on my cell if it’s after business hours (575-635-8131, my area code changed). We’ll have coffee or food and go look at cotton fields or horses or something.

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