Know what a Mud Day is?

Image courtesy of Vinton Today.
Image courtesy of Vinton Today.

[Alternative title: Spring 2016 Boot camp update #1]

Do you know what a mud day is? It’s like a snow day but worse. In Cuba NM, (where we are targeting our donations from boot camp), mud is so deep and thick that school is often cancelled because the buses can’t get through. There’s more too of course, but if I copy and paste it all from the original entry, Google dings me for duplicate content. So, would you mind going over to the official site and reading what we’re up to?

I’ll leave you with two more bits:

  1. We still have 7 openings for the production phase to be held May 27-30, 2016. You can learn more at the link above.
  2. We will be hosting an open house on Sunday, February 28, 2016.

I don’t have a time yet for the open house but plan on late afternoon to early evening if you want to see what design looks like in real life. By then, we would have been at work for 3 days so we can show you sketches, patterns, sample garments -what iterations look like- as well as costing and planning for production.

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  1. Hi Kathleen, I’m trying to email you but I don’t have gmail. I’d like to link a quote you’ve made about the difference between slopers and blocks in my blog ( Please advise if that’s okay with you, thanks so much.

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