Kewpie doll patent & pattern

Light posting continues while I move the shop from El Paso to Las Cruces; I appreciate everyone’s patience.

Kathy -one of our readers- hosts a blog, Meggiecat; one of the things she does is publish expired patent applications. One such expired patent I found on her site is that of the original Kewpie doll. Kathy writes:

The familiar and pleasing legacy of ROSE CECIL O’NEILL (WILSON) is the Kewpie doll. The dolls were patterned after her drawings of Kewpies – fanciful, elf-like babies who solved all sorts of problems in a bumbling, good natured way. Her drawings and stories were immensely popular for over two decades, appearing as a special feature in Good Housekeeping magazine and The Ladies’ Home Journal.

You can click on the thumbnails to download the patent in 300 dpi. It doesn’t look to be much work to make a pattern and then sew one of these up based on the drawings there. Thanks Kathy!

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