My personal website is up and running again; no, it hasn’t been updated (but will be soon). It was just off-line whilst I attempted -yet again- to wrest my domain name from the steely-oiled grip of enterprise solutions. I would never recommend that anyone do business with them unless you don’t mind paying 400% over current market rates for domain registration. They’ll manage to snag you for a coerced renewal -at least once- too! So if you registered through them but have since moved your hosting elsewhere, do not assume the domain transfer has been effected, in spite of any reassurances from your web hosting company! Just a warning to my friends.

You may consider reading the comments under the posting “Product Review Style 12658”. It’s clear I should have explained the difference between a style review and a product review before I started doing them. Until I do, there’s worthwhile comments to browse there.

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  1. kathleen says:

    This is a compilation and crude importation of all the comments posted at the original site for this document. Feel free to add your comments.

    3/11/2005 10:11:57 PM Josh said:
    I read the article on your personal site about waistbands and it’s very informative. I had no idea that the waistbands were cut jelly roll style. I was thinking maybe the fabric was put through a machine like a paper cutter type deal. But it’s been in the back of my mind as I’ve been figuring out pants, “How are they cutting mass amounts of waistbands?” Also the article answered other questions I hadn’t even thought of about the waistband.

    3/30/2005 06:31:12 PM Kathleen said:
    If anybody is interested in seeing that waistbands article, go to http://kathleenfasanella.com/waistbands.html

    Regarding my disgruntlement toward network solutions; it would appear that filing a complaint with the better business bureau is very effective. I received an apology (yes! it’s true!) by both telephone and email. Most importantly, I got a refund. Really now, $35 for an annual domain renewal is more than excessive particularly when you’re forced to do it through them after having gone through the rigors of attempting to wrest the domain away from them in the first place.

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