July 2009 Trade Shows

I keep meaning to do this monthly. Better to subscribe to the Infomat newsletter and get it where I do (this is not a cut/paste job; I verify each link & date etc). The newsletter is free, notices sent at least monthly. Obviously it’s too late to sign up to show at any of these events but it’s not too late to walk them, something you should do before signing on the dotted line. Or is that a solid line? It usually is these days. Below are only the domestic shows (continental US) for the month of JULY.

Wholesale Fabrics & Trends F/W 2010:
14-16  NY TexWorld USA
15-16  NY Premiere Vision
20-22  NY Spinexpo (fiber, yarn, knitwear & knitted fabrics)

Wholesale apparel:
12-13  Miami  Men’s and Boys Show
15-19  Miami  Miami Swim (Mercedes Benz)
17-19  Long Beach Printwear (tees, embroidery, sublimation etc)
18-21  Miami  SwimShow (largest internationally)
18-20  NY  MRKT (men’s)
19-21  NY Blue (denim)
19-21  NY The Collective
20-21  NY Capsule (volunteer needed to write a trip report on this one, thanks)
20-22  NY Project
21-23  Chicago ASI Show (promotional products)
21-24  Salt Lake City Outdoor Retailer
22-23  Huntington Beach Agenda
31-2    Las Vegas WSA (shoes, handbags, accessories)
31-1    Las Vegas Compass (shoes)

15-17  Chicago Chicago Men’s Apparel Group rescheduled for August 9-11
28-29  Farmington IL Michigan Apparel Club (men/boys) rescheduled for Aug 4-5

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  1. Max Schroder says:

    Hey Kathleen,
    Don’t forget about us here in California!
    There is Designers and Agents in LA from June 12-14
    Focus in LA from June 13-15
    ENK’s Brighte in LA from June 12-15

    And where I’m from in SF there is CALA at the St. Francis Hotel on June 22-23
    and Fashion Market Northern California in San Mateo from June 20-22.

    All verified from their websites.

  2. Miriam says:

    Kathleen, you’ve listed the Michigan Apparel Club (under Cancellations) as being in IL. The website gives an address in Farmington, MI.

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