It all starts here 7

It’s been about six weeks since I last posted photos of the cotton fields by my house. The field is looking a bit bedraggled, in need of plowing.

The flowers are in full bud, ready to burst open at any moment.

My trip was not without incident. Recently irrigated, my misstep is documented below. The things I do for you. :eye roll:

Hope you’re having a lovely holiday.

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  1. /anne... says:

    Not ploughing! Ploughing is bad for the soil. You might enjoy reading about Masanobu Fukuoka:
    a fascinating man. Anyone interested in sustainability should be aware of “The One Straw Revolution”.

    Oh, and it’s Fashion Week here in Melbourne – and there’s a big emphasis on organic fabrics and sustainability, aimed at the 18-30 demographic. Same quirky designs, but using organic fibres.

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