It all starts here 2

I took pictures of the fields this weekend. As you can see, harvest time is nigh.

The cotton ginning facilities are only 3 blocks from my office. I took pictures of those too. I realize these will look very boring to you but to us, the facilities look unusual because they’re so clean. Here are all the cotton trucks in readiness.

And here are the grounds of one gin. Two weeks from now -maybe less- you’ll see wisps of cotton everywhere.

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  1. joni says:

    Different regions have different features – around here, in the heart of the Niagara Penninsula, Ontario, its grape harvesting time. The bird bangers are going off everywhere (like gun shots)and the aroma of the grapes is intoxicating – I look forward to the wines. Then winter takes over and we’re naked again until spring….life is good.

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