Information addicts

Are you an information addict, info junkie or infovore? Referring to an article published in last month’s American Scientist (sub required), Mindhacks mentions the reason some people may become info-junkies is related to brain chemistry. In a summary released yesterday, neuroscientist Irving Biederman proposes that the moment of epiphany causes a release of endorphins in the brain, meaning that one’s ‘thirst for knowledge’ may be closer to an opium craving. It would seem that the term ‘junkie is more appropriate than we’d realized.

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    I knew I was one, didn’t know why or the name. Learned it here, while trying to get smarter about running my business. I hope to help you with your fixes now and then….

  2. Leadership and implementing change

    A couple of weeks ago, I’d cited recent research that information junkies were literally getting an adrenaline fix from learning. In an article entitled The Neuroscience of Leadership from strategy+business magazine (via Neuromarketing blog), it is app…

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