Imports and returns

The Bush administration made a decision on Monday to investigate whether recent increases in imports are hurting the US apparel producers. Industry lobbyists are pushing for “safeguard quotas” over several product categories due to the sharp increase of Chinese imports since quotas were abolished January 1, 2005. Read more at US takes first step to curb Chinese textiles from

Eric sends 2 links regarding the costs of returns (thank you). Apparently, the costs associated with returns has created a complex recyling system amounting to some odd $3-$6 billion dollars a year. It’s another reminder that “pull driven” manufacturing (manufacturing to order) is a better strategy to prevent returns. For an overview of the problem, See Stores rethink policies on returns. For details on management solutions and returns, see Manufacturers’ Dilemma:Managing A Growing Volume of Returned Merchandise

I close with a tip sent by a friend who probably prefers to remain nameless (thanks!). Claire Schaeffer will be reprinting her book Couture Sewing Techniques this summer and requests that people send her notice of any errors. Frankly, I wouldn’t know where to start

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