Important pattern and grading book news

With everything I have to post, I keep forgetting to mention these important messages.

It is possible that Jack Handford’s grading book is going out of print. Or is out of print. Or will remain out of print. I don’t know the status of his drafting book but I imagine it’s the same. There are replacements for that one though. Oh, and this is the best grading book there is. Really. Somebody put up a cruddy review on Amazon but this person obviously doesn’t understand the concept of what a grading book is or should be (sometimes, the opinion-economy can be so annoying). For what it’s worth, a grading book isn’t a spec book, these don’t provide sizing standards. A specs book won’t tell you how to grade so why would a grading book give you specs?

Next: Finally! There’s a knitwear pattern book on the market called Design and Patternmaking for Stretch Fabrics. I saw them at the show. No, I don’t have a review, I flipped through it, said “good enough” and ordered one as soon as I got back. It’s spiral bound. I really like that in a drafting book. Publishers avoid spiral bound if they can because the spine doesn’t display well on a book store shelf.

Last in book news: Connie Crawford’s second edition of Pattern Making Made Easy is out (my review of the first edition). Also, she graciously continues to extend a generous discount to F-I readers. She wrote:

I continue to give your visitors, on request, the discount for this book. Since we do not advertise the discount, they must put the discount request in the comments section of the order.

The book is 459 pages, hardcover but inside spiral bound for $95.00. The discount is 20%. Be sure to use my name or Fashion-Incubator to get the discount ($19.00). You can mail, fax or telephone your order. I do not earn a commission on sales, I just like this book and recommend it personally.

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  1. LisaB says:

    Thanks for this post. I have the Handford books and will hang on to them. As a hobbyist, I have no idea (LOL) why I purchased the grading book…probably simply because you had recommended it!

    I’ve bookmarked the new knitwear pattern making book for future purchase. I can definitely use help with knits.

    Finally, I’ve got Connie’s first edition and have successfully used it for things that would otherwise have been wayyyy over my hobbyist head. Everything I’ve tried using her instructions has turned out great.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Lorraine at Fashiondex says:

    Just to let you know that we are sold out of Professional Pattern Grading for Women’s Men’s and Children’s. We have put it out of stock on our website.

  3. kaaren hoback says:

    To those that want and do not have Handford’s Professional Patternmaking for Designers… still has used copies on sale starting at $17+ US dollars.

    I have used this vendor many times and have always been pleased with their prompt shipping and accurate descriptions of the book’s condition.

    My copy of the Womens Wear Means Casual wear came completly tabbed per chapter and in better condition than it is now after much use.


  4. Christina says:

    Hello! When I saw this I went on an immediate desperate search for the grading book. It turns out that Fairchild books has it available and has not listed it as being unavailable. Since teachers use these books I would assume they would keep it up to date so that students have access to the textbooks that are required for their classes. Of course this could change at any time, but currently it is available for $58.


  5. Kathleen says:

    Fairchild is huge; the internet isn’t their medium and I wouldn’t expect their site to be updated as regularly as a smaller company or somebody like Amazon (no copies for sale from them directly). All I know is that orders from book resellers are not being filled. I’ll write Fairchild and find out.
    Update: I wrote Fairchild. Erika Palo said “Hi Kathleen -You are correct, the Handford book is out of print.”

  6. Christina Cato says:

    Good to know. :) They offered it as a class sample, so it would have been a shame to want to use it and not have it available for students.

  7. Barbara says:

    I took the ISBN number (both 13 and 10) of the Handford Grading book from the US amazon site and searched the German amazon site. Interestingly enough, what comes up on the German site is a book entitled “Professional Patternmaking for Women’s, Men’s and Childern’s Apparel” priced at 65 EUR. The same ISBN yields the correct title on the site at about 250 pounds used. Now, I own his pattern*making* book, and that had a picture with it, (the grading book doesn’t), so I am quite sure that it is the grading book despite the wrong title. If anyone’s interested, they can try to order. It says that the book is not kept in storage and will be delivered when available (which usually means you won’t get it), but it *is* worth a try.

  8. Cindy D says:

    I just bought the Handford grading book from the Amazon US site. I set up a “notify me” alert for when the book became available. I got it for $53 + shipping. I’d recommend to wait for the alert instead of paying upfront and waiting for someone to find it.

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