I’m not Verbal Croquis

This post has been amended in order to recycle it as an “About Us” page and as of the new site set up not needed but I have to put something here. Originally, I wrote it because visitors kept confusing me and Zoe (Verbal Croquis). The cast of characters writing here are:

Kathleen Fasanella has been working in the apparel industry for over 3 decades as a pattern maker specializing in suits, lined garments, leather products (mostly coats) and outerwear. She is author of The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing, a consultant and trainer. She lives in Albuquerque NM with her husband, adult son, five six five cats, two and a half dogs and 12 chickens. As the primary author here, her contact information appears at close.

Zoe Hong -AKA Verbal Croquis- is a designer based in San Francisco. Recently unemployed, she’s decided to launch her own line. She also has her own personal blog. Zoe is newly married, no children and loves to prepare authentic Korean barbecue. Feel free to contact Zoe if you’re looking for a freelance designer or need a design consultation.

Mike Cerny writes occasionally on the travails of manufacturing. With his wife Amy, they run a company called Fit Couture. Originally a client, Mike and Amy have gone on to run a certifiably lean manufacturing operation. Amy and Mike live in Houston with their son Jack and a hyperactive sheltie.

Miracle Wanzo is an internet retailer and product developer of women’s lingerie. As a buyer, she writes about how to establish and manage your retail relationships, PR, fulfillment, merchandising and marketing. She used to be in the clothing brokering business and even wrote a book about it. Miracle lives in the Bay Area with her four children.

Inquiries to:

Kathleen Fasanella
Apparel Technical Svcs
The Sewing Factory School
410 Old Coors Dr. SW
Albuquerque NM 87121
T: 505-877-1713
C: 575-635-8131

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  1. Mike C says:

    Mike is a DE based in Houston. He and his wife Amy run a company called Fit Couture. I consider them to be one of my success stories. Mike is our newest author. He posts (.5% of all entries) on the travails of manufacturing. I think he has a blog too but he’s never given me the url. He is not looking for a job and also, hasn’t written a book (yet).

    Nope, I don’t have an active blog. From time to time I’ve played with the format, but mostly just out of curiosity.

    I’ve considered adding a blog for Fit Couture, but I just can’t trust that we’ll be able to keep it fresh and current and regularly updated. Better to blog here which gives me the opportunity to write fewer, but better thought out, postings.

  2. Wow you are a plethera of information I can see! Thanks for posting on my blog – I love that you write about your industry with such honesty. Since posting those ‘posts’ on my blog about plagarism, copying – the whole thing I got some interesting emails and even a phone call. I agree with you and I do not think there is a creative idea out there – I would like to think by me NOT being quiet about it I won’t be ripped off. It is frustrating – and I do not think it is the highest form of flattery.

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