I’m going on “vacation”

Now that the site has been all set up and is good to go, I’m going on “vacation”. We’ve scheduled our annual vacation a little late this year and as much as I’ve been pretending this wasn’t happening, my departure date looms. Yes I’m glad to be going but I dislike cold and wet and we’re going to a place known for its four seasons: Rain, Snow, Sleet and Hail. I am such a whiner. Vacation appears in quotes because as you know, any trip I take involves working one way or another and this trip will be no exception. You all get a lot out of my trips. Remember last year when I spent ten days doing research at the Library of Congress? I’d been wanting to do that for years. Anyway, with a fulfillment center and a cat sitter lined up, there’s nothing to hold me back now.

Eric and I are leaving for Brussels on Friday September 19th, to return Wednesday October 8th. We’re making a big circle, traveling to Paris, then Stuttgart, Rothenburg ob der Tauber (a favorite from childhood), then Prague -I’d always wanted to go but it was never a possibility; we never expected the wall to come down!- then up to Berlin, over to Amsterdam and then back to Brussels to fly out again. Eric has never been to The Netherlands, I think he will like it. In Paris, we’ll be attending the most famous fabric show in the world Première Vision and then Texworld which is considered to be for the more budget minded. In Stuttgart, I’m trying to arrange visiting at least two local universities with design programs thanks to Heidi’s help. Of course I want to visit their campus book stores! Heidi mentions the most popular German pattern making book will be translated into English this January and that it will be pricey, over 120 euros. And you think books here are expensive. Business-wise I don’t have anything else lined up (yet -feel free to make suggestions or sing out if you’re on our itinerary) until Amsterdam. There we will meet up with Diva Els. I feel very privileged to be the first of her U.S. fans and friends to be meeting her. We’re planning on doing a bike tour of the city.

2008 has been a banner year for international travel for me. Mexico, Colombia, Belgium, France, Germany, The Czech Republic (I still want to call it Czechoslovakia) and The Netherlands. On next year’s “vacation”, we plan to go to Asia, undetermined whether we go to China or India; whichever, the following year we’ll go to the one we missed.

Oh! Speaking of travel, don’t forget that coming up in 2009, you all are cordially invited to attend ColombiaTex in Medellin Colombia the third week of January. I think we have seven people signed up for that trip so far. I think it’ll be fun going that far as a group, leaving on the same flight and staying in the same hotel. If you’re interested in attending the sourcing show to find sewing contractors, fabrics and trims, sign up is here. Medellin is only a three hour flight from Miami and expenses are moderate. My five night hotel bill with taxes, security fees, room service charges and a cash advance ($40 USD) was less than $500. If you shared a room, it’s very affordable.

Now let me see if I can get up part one of a tutorial on adding a gusset to a pair of slacks…

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  1. Heather says:

    Hi Kathleen
    If you are interested in going fabric shopping on your trip, Hilco Fabrics has a retail store (with wholesale prices) attached to their factory. I’ve been dying to get my brother to go there for me (he lives in Germany) but SURPRISE– he refuses to go. Must be all those times when he was a little kid, and we forced him to sit for hours in JoAnn Fabrics! Anyway, the store is south of Stuttgart in a town called Leinfelden-Echterdingen. It might be close enough to your itinerary. The website is http://www.hilco.de and their number is 0049-0-711-7973890. Happy hunting! Heather

  2. colleen says:

    After reading your vacation itinerary, I chanted, “I want to be Kathleen Fasanella, I want to be Kathleen Fasanella, I want to be Kathleen Fasanella”. Unlike you, I am in the midst of a home improvement/personal decline project. After most discussions with the builder, I feel like the vise attached to my head is slowly tightened. I smile a tight, little smile and pretend it doesn’t hurt. But, enough about me.

    Have a great trip! I look forward to hearing all about it.

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