If I were to produce a line pt 2

An interesting thing happened after I published If I were to produce a line. From the many comments and suggestions I received, I found that other people wanted to post their conceptualized lines in order to solicit feedback from visitors too. Accordingly, I started a new thread in the discussion forum where people could let others “kick the tires” of their concepts. Here is one such entry from Danielle of Final Fashion:

It’s pretty exciting to see the line ideas. So far, we have line development entries from Danielle, Earl, Carol, Jinjer, SB and Sou.

If you’ve yet to launch your line or are thinking of launching a new line, please consider adding your own thread. I think you’ll be very surprised by the support and solutions that others can offer you. If you have problems sourcing certain products or fabrics, people will offer their resources which will dramatically increase the viability of your venture. I realize that subjecting yourself to a line review from a jury of your peers can be intimidating but I think you have more to gain from the experience than not.

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  1. Danielle says:

    Thanks Kathleen, (for the link too;). This tire-kicking will be a good trial run for when I actually get grilled by my profs and “industry experts” during my collection presentations in March. They’re going to be poking all my weak spots and asking all the questions I should have answers for… better to be prepared to be picked apart. Are you going to kick my tires too?

  2. Kathleen says:

    Hi Danielle, I’m glad you didn’t mind that I used your graphic, I didn’t think you’d mind since you’d already loaded it in the forum (I’m hosting your jpg, not hot-linking). I thought it looked so pretty on the site that I didn’t want to post after it but I had to!

    Yes, I’ll kick your tires tonight in preparation for the academic grind. Let’s hope we can address anything they’d think to complain about before you get there. Be sure to tell us all they said too. Personally, I think everything looks pretty good, marketable too. I think you did a great job!

    To everyone else, Danielle has photos of her samples on her website. Very sexy too!


    I recently attend a fashion institution in Atlanta. I enjoy illustrating and would like to learn more about your technique on illustrating.
    Will you be coming out with your own illustrating book?


  4. kristin says:

    Hi Kathy

    I’ve really enjoyed this site overall as a resource for getting my line off the ground. I started with T-shirts and it sort of evolved to RTW women’s line. I’m not an illustrator at least for fashion. I doodle enough to get by. I’m more of a draper, take pictures and sew as I go. Then of course have a patternmaker and real sewer come in to clean up my mess. ;-)

    I would love to submit images of my line but don’t know if you are only looking for beautiful sketches such as these. .

    Thanks for sharing this. .

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