I hate Tommy

gawd I hate Tommy…I was so prepared to hate The Cut which ran tonight but I don’t –so there– and I guess it rankles that I don’t hate it. Yeah, I’m quite surprised to find myself in agreement with Mr H. A friend and I called each other during commercials…did you guess which team would get cut? I did. No designer would -or should- put up with that sort of morphing of their logo and besides -that Jeff guy- he was too entertaining to cut. Being the show’s token Aspie, I can see he’ll provide plenty of entertainment value. Who else, other than a perserverant like that could have finished that billboard?

Do I have to take back everything I’ve ever said about Tommy? I really hate that I agreed with everything he said. Still, I’m hoping he puts this group into a sewing line to stitch some things together too. That’ll sift the wheat from the chaff. Note the woman who Tommy kicked off? Ladies, that’s a lesson for you to bear. I can’t remember her name but she was the caretaker of the group who thought that by making people happy she’d ensure her membership. Well, real life isn’t like that. If people are hungry enough, they’ll call Domino’s or buy some Ho-Ho’s because your job isn’t to be popular, it’s to be profitable. You’ll have to add value to the group and passing out oatmeal cookies isn’t going to cut it.

I was very surprised to see how uncomfortable he was in front of the camera because I’d expected a smooth operator. While seeing a diffident Tommy on screen may be less reassuring for his consumers and fans, it causes me to pause and make new measure of the man. Speaking of measure, my fingers were twitching in that scene with Tommy appraising the billboards. From the front, Tommy’s car coat looked a tad snug. It wasn’t until he turned around and I saw that crease in the wool running catty-corner from his back neck across his shoulder blade, ending just under the mid-point of the arm scye -although that wasn’t obvious on screen- and I wanted to scream, “Tommy, your coat’s too small, the front is borrowing from the back” but I didn’t because I thought it’d scare the cats -one of which was biting my foot at the time so in hindsight, I probably should have.

Lessons for you:
If you’re going to focus on image, stick with what’s comfortable and familiar to your customers. Don’t introduce drastic logo color changes either. People like what they know more than they like what they don’t know. Also, I’d think it’d be inappropriate to expect rampant design genius from the group at the outset because it takes a line several seasons to develop. Designers grow and learn their customers and become more focused in what works for them. That usually takes several seasons to develop. Lastly, while I’m curious and looking forward to seeing where The Cut will go, I have not and will not like push manufacturing.

p.s. speaking of wearing clothing that is too small (I read this somewhere and it’s always stuck with me): If you wear a dress that’s just a tad too small -and no matter how thin you are- you’ll instantly look like you’ve gained 10 lbs.

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  1. Josh Latham says:

    I can’t believe I missed THE CUT tonight! I bet they reshow the first show next week or this week. I’m gonna have to check listings. I’ve been so wrapped up in other things this week it slipped through my mind. And I even had it written on my calendar!

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