How I lost 150 pounds

I used to be overweight -morbidly obese- which could explain my fascination with body sizes. It was a long time ago (25 years ago) but I’ve kept the weight off. If you’re interested in hearing about it, I did a pod cast interview for Chris Brogan. Due to a technical glitch, the sound quality isn’t stellar but you could always ask for clarification in comments if you don’t understand a part of it. The interview starts about 11 minutes into the pod cast. If you want the short version of how I lost the weight, here is a clue:

I bike nearly everywhere, I rarely drive at all anymore. Between my commitment to ecological sustainability or maintaining my health, biking is a total solution. I ride the bike daily to work, then to the post office and then home again. With all the bike accessories, I look to be a total dork. That’s no big deal, I’ve always been a dork. The only thing I’ve ever missed about the car was listening to NPR, so I clipped a radio to the basket and was good to go.

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  1. Stylebites says:

    NPR! That’s the biggest loss I feel since leaving the states. Maybe if I clip a radio to my suitcase then…

    It’s just not the same to listen to the broadcasts through the web on hollow computer speakers.

    I started riding a bike this summer and lost 2-3 kilos, which isn’t that much but considering I haven’t gained or lost anything in forever, I’m hoping it’s a new permanent adjustment!

    I (Heart) Sustainability!!!

  2. Josh says:

    Just finished listening to the podcast. Not too keen on the guy interviewing you, doesn’t seem too good at it. But it was fascinating to hear your story.

  3. mamafitz says:

    way to go on the weight loss and the commitment to the environment. i ride my bike a lot too — only with a trailer attached with 2 kids in it. :) talk about a workout!

  4. Jane says:

    OK, I am going to change the subject…I have learned from reading your blog that You are a very interesting person in many different ways and I am very impressed with your knowledge, intelligence, sense of humor, etc. Now, I learned you have had the self discipline to lose skads of weight (I am struggling to lose 20lbs!) Nevertheless, inspite of all that, I am REALLY amazed at your time management skills. How in the world are you able to do all that it takes to run this website,(including whipping up tutorial samples two and three times) and work a regular 40 hour a week job and ride the bike daily to work? Whatever it is I need some of it!

  5. jinjer says:

    veering waaaay off subject, I actually just got a car for the first time. except that it’s not my PERSONAL car, it’s Flexcar–for a tiny yearly subscription fee and a reasonably hourly rate (includes gas), we can use one of 6 cars parked within walking distance whenever we need it.

    I’m actually totally psyched to be involved in this. I’m hoping it’ll really take off, and people will ditch their personal cars. Maybe more people will realize how easy, fun and beneficial (not to mantion affordable)it is to get around by foot or bicycle, and save their car time for when they really need it!

  6. Sandy says:

    That is quite a commitment Kathleen.
    I would love to see our roads be more bike friendly. I am scared to ride a bike on the streets where I live.
    I don’t know if your neighborhood is bike friendly or not, either way congratulations on your accomplishment. I would love to get in shape like you have. My favorite form of excersise is encorporating it into everyday activities. This is one minor reason I became a carpenter.

  7. kathleen says:

    Sandy, it sounds lovely in retrospect, the commitment and all. Truth is, I dieted like you’re supposed to. In 6 months, I never cheated once. At the end of it, I’d only lost 20 pounds. I wasn’t demoralized, I was so mad I couldn’t see straight, all that work for nothing. So, I sold my car and bought a bike. Selling my car was very very scary. Work was seven miles away and because it was uphill in both directions, the weight started coming off then.

    My current neighborhood is fairly bike friendly but I don’t bike to work anymore with my shop building on the property. Albuquerque is much better than it was when I first lived here. Then it was horrible. Biking my kid to school in the morning (three miles) then to work in the opposite direction for another ten making for almost 30 miles a day. Worse in the winter, my son would cry because it was so cold. Couldn’t afford a car then either. Then someone stole my bike… I never got over that, no one could have needed it more than we did. I thought I’d lose my job but John lent me the money only he had the plant mechanic do it so I wouldn’t know. I didn’t learn the truth until after he died.

  8. Sandy Doppler says:

    Wow, you deserve a hug for all of that. I was going to say you deserve a pat on the back but you suffered, struggled, and sacrificed so much I think a big hug is in order.
    Actually your story reminded me of some things I had not thought of in years. I also had to bike to the bus stop to ride the bus to work with a toddler son in the baby seat on the back, before daylight. One evening when I went to get my bike to go home I found someone had slit my tires. Urggh. I was so disappointed and frustrated. I also didn’t have any money then and I just could not take one more disappointment.
    I’m so glad those days are over for you and for me.
    Your diet and excersise story is harsh. I’m glad you are beyond that. Congratulations. John was amazing to help you when you were struggling.

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