How to sew a vintage invisible zipper

As promised, part one is up!

For those new to the party, this tutorial is how to get the effect of an invisible zipper using a regular zipper. It is a vintage (some would call it “couture”) sewing method, what was done before there was such a thing as invisible zippers. Yeah it’s a little more work but it’s fun and it’s neat. Something to impress your friends. Also good if you can’t use an invisible zipper for some reason or you are biased against them (like me) for whatever silly reason.

Also, this tutorial is a forum member’s premium. I regret if this disappoints you but there are exclusive benefits to those who sustain this site financially. You’re welcome to join though.

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  1. Ooh, very cool! I generally dislike facings but they are handled beautifully here.

    I’m quite interested in this one because I hate invisible zippers too. I read the instructions just as far as “iron” and then I stop. I am positive that I will melt it if I try, and I have an irrational belief that anything that doesn’t work out of the box is poorly made. So this is going to be very good for me.

  2. Lisa Bloodgood says:

    I’m gonna have a look, cuz I only know how to sew regular zippers and don’t have an invisible zipper foot for my sewing machine. And invisible ones seem too fragile for some fabrics.

  3. nowaks,

    I’m not a DE either, but I belong to the forum. I bought the book which allows me to understand what everyone’s talking about (more or less) and I soak up inspiration from the hardworking entrepreneurs. There are other enthusiasts there too, who Kathleen particularly values because they ask fitting questions. (Apparently DEs don’t ask enough fitting questions.)

  4. Fitting questions aren’t the only thing! If it weren’t for enthusiasts, we’d almost never discuss sewing. [Like I keep saying on the blog and in my book, sewing isn’t a focal interest of designers. Designers are only “sewing experts” in enthusiasts circles but not real life.] I like to talk about sewing but the closest that most pros discuss is what sewing attachment or machine will do the given effect they want to do. Anyway, I like to talk about sewing and fitting and it is mainly our enthusiast members who provide the inspiration and opportunity to do it.

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