How to make a tech pack web seminars

I apologize for not posting this sooner coming on the heels of my previous entry because you’ve already missed one class but it can be repeated if there is sufficient interest.

I’ve written quite a bit about technical packages but it never seems to be enough. Luckily, StyleFile is providing free web based classes on how to make a tech pack. You can download the schedule (pdf) for June or make note of the classes as follows (links below are to past F-I entries as a topic refresher):

June 5: 10:00am PST & 2:00pm PST
How to create a pattern card (cutter’s must) with a discussion on style and pattern numbers.

June 9: 10:00am PST & 2:00pm PST
How to use & manage technical drawings to prevent miscommunication

June 11: 10:00am PST &  2:00pm PST
How to create a bill of materials (BOM)

June 15: 10:00am PST & 2:00pm PST
How to create a costing sheet

June 17: 10:00am PST & 2:00pm PST
How to create and manage cut tickets

While all of these topics have been discussed on F-I in sometimes excruciating detail, it will be nice to get a live demonstration. If you’re interested in these free classes, email Gina to sign up.

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  1. Joey Quirk says:

    Hello, I am very interested in this tech pack web seminar and I just found out about this and see that it was last month! Is there anyway I can access these on the web some how? I am very interested and would love more information. Thank you for your time!!

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