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I got back Friday night, took Saturday off to regroup and today, I don’t even know where to start. I figured I should start today since this whole week will be dominated by show news and trip reports. Hopefully, I’ll have trip reports from Malia (she started hers already), Sally, Todd, Vicki, Giannina, Randy & Liza, and the staff of Gauge shotgun jeans (and anyone else who wants to contribute -Meghan?). I figure with all of this input, you’ll find perspectives to interest you. For now, I’m going to blog social stuff, including casual photographs I took.

Tuesday night a few of us got together for dinner. Below is (left to right) James, Sally, me, Todd and Malia. James and Todd are partners; I’ve known Todd longer. He’s a pattern maker who wants to produce men’s suits. Sally is my pal -a pattern maker like me- as you already know and Malia (rhymes with Maria as I have to keep reminding myself) is a DE with a kid’s wear line.

Below is a picture of Robyn, originally from Scotland. He was just somebody I saw in the restaurant sitting next to us (but all by himself) who was also in town for the show so we had him join us which he was glad to do. Todd said later that it was odd that he kept running into Robyn all day long on Wednesday. Funny, that.

Wednesday night I ate alone, Malia went to the strip, Todd crashed a party at the Liberace mansion (he invited us) and Sally went to eat dinner with this flakey designer she met in the Ashboro’s elastics booth. I could have gone too but I was kind of turned off by some sourcing tricks he has. Just because you can scam the system to get stuff (unfairly, you don’t intend to use it) doesn’t mean you should. By the way, don’t be seen with people you think are unethical if you’re a new player. Others will see you with them and paint you with the same brush. Sally went with him for entertainment purposes thinking he’d have some good stories since they were the same age and from NY but she says he couldn’t stop obsessing over his 89 year old sample maker with whom he’s apparently infatuated. You meet all kinds.

Below is a picture that Sally took of me and Malia at breakfast on Thursday. We stayed at the same hotel. And, as it turned out later, the Gauge shotgun jeans people and Meghan stayed there too.

Here is a picture of us on Thursday at dinner. Unfortunately, Meghan (also from F-I blog) wasn’t here, she had to split. From left to right are Vicki, Giannina, me, Todd and James. Vicki is a DE I picked up at a seminar on Wednesday. I thought she looked interesting, so I invited her to meet the crew. Giannina is somebody from the blog too (but new). I think she’s starting a branding blog soon.

Here’s a picture of me and Todd. Don’t tell my husband but that Todd is an incorrigible flirt (below).

Speaking of flirting, here’s the kind of security staff they had milling about the show (below).

Friday, Sally and I had breakfast with the coolest people, Gauge (a denim line) and I’m upset that the picture I took of them the day before seems to have disappeared from my camera. I met them when I went to visit Randy and Liza (other DEs from F-I. I’ll be writing more about them later too) in their booth; Gauge was right next to them and I thought they looked interesting too (for an autistic, I manage to pick up a lot of strays, no?). They will be writing a trip report you will love, all about the ins but mostly the outs of getting into your first show.

Below is a picture I took of Randy and Liza (also regulars on F-I) who had a booth at the show. I did an interview with them and did a product review. I forgot to ask them if I could share the results of that review with you. Aren’t they cute?

They’re engaged to be married July 7th (07/07/2007). Randy is a butt but he did something brilliant. He wanted to propose to her and have this big party but he didn’t want to put it together so he told her that he wanted a big party for his birthday and had her put the whole thing together and surprised her in the end because it wasn’t for his birthday but for their engagement. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. A guy planned party would be beer and chips, calling that good but this way, the party was the way she would have liked it. Anyway, they have a cool product I’ll be telling you more about this week.

So, that’s it for the casual photography and social whirl.

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  1. meghan says:

    I was bummed I couldn’t stay for dinner that night! But am really happy to have met Giannina and Vickie and will definitely stay in touch, and of course nice to meet Kathleen in the flesh. I will also send along a trip report ;)

  2. vickie says:

    thanks for inviting me to meet your “crew”.. i’ll try to put my thoughts together into some sort of interesting report for you soon.. great to meet all of you!

  3. Giannina says:

    Hi Kathleen and everyone!

    It was so great to meet you and everyone at MAGIC! I would have written sooner but had a bunch more biz travel to do. My branding blog launching is very soon. I’ll send you a link when it does. And I’ll be sure to link here as well.

    Hope you’re well!

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