Holiday shopping guide

Is anybody interested in a gift buying guide? Most of us are shopping for gifts so why not shop amongst each other if we can? I’ll put something together if there’s enough interest. There is no charge for this; I also think it’d be interesting to see the variety of products our members make.

If interested, send me a short paragraph describing your products, web address, phone number (in case I need to contact you quickly) and a jpeg of a featured item or your logo. I can’t resize your logo so please make it tastefully sized. Also, mention if you’re offering a discount to F-I visitors (not required).

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  1. hannah Flor says:

    i don’t have any products for the gift guide but as a seamstress and patternmaker with friends who are also in the field, i’d love to see what you come up with!

  2. dosfashionistas says:

    Sadly, my inventory has reached a point where very little of what I am selling right now is my own design, but I would like to invite all to visit Dos Fashionistas store on eBay. We carry some of the best bargains for plus sizes on that site and we have many garments that would make excellent gifts. Let me know you are a F-I member when you buy and I will waive the handling fee for shipping.

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