Holiday edition -archives 12/14-12/20 2005-2010

tree_zmas_2011Happy holidays to all my lovelies! As decoration for today’s holiday archives entry, you’ll see what passes for a Christmas tree around here.

Yes, it’s a vintage wire dress form adorned with lights and giant microbe tree ornaments. [I have a soft spot for those because if that company owner had come to me wanting a professional assessment, I would have said their idea didn’t have the proverbial snowball’s chance.] The “tree” frame is a microphone boom, a section of pipe and a hardware connector from a garment Z rack. The star is two layers of pattern paper taped together. Beneath you’ll notice that the gifts are wrapped in standard kraft paper and tied with sisal twine, laying on a couple of yards of red wool (the wool is horrible, bleeds like crazy and the grain isn’t stable either). It looks very pretty in real life, the brown with red. I haven’t had a real tree in years if for no other reason that trees and a half dozen or more cats, don’t mix. Well. Said tree would require more maintenance than is normally warranted as this will attest.

Anyway, I hope your holiday is warm and loving. Enjoy your family and friends. Now I have to go make dinner. We are having spinach lasagne, salad, rolls and apple crisp for dessert. We made the crisp yesterday which was not such a good idea in hindsight because there may not be enough left to serve our guests.

If you should have time to kill, here’s this week’s archives entry. Happy holidays!

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  1. Sarra Bess says:

    Always nice to see we’re not the only ones with giant microbe tree ornaments on our tree! We went with a living tree this year — smaller, but it will get planted in the windbreak outside, and have a long and fulfilling life.

  2. MandySA says:

    Love your Christmas tree, Kathleen.
    Traditional Christmas trees are incongruous for a southern hemisphere mid-summer Christmas. I have been planning (for a few years) a decoration theme suitable for an African Christmas and was delighted to find a wire-fashioned “baobab”-style tree made by some budding wire-work artists from an empowerment NGO (ticks in all the right boxes as far as I am concerned!). I hooked all the silver baubles I already had onto the ends of the branches, wound some tinsel around the trunk, and it looks stunning; beauty in simplicity. I am so thrilled!
    I hope you, and all members of the fashion-incubator community, had a blessed day, and wish us all a Happy New Year!

  3. JustGail says:

    I love your tree! I understand about the cats and real tree – it took a few years for ours to get over trying to climb it. Now they simply try to lay on the bottom branches. I hope your Christmas day was a good one!

  4. Winnie G says:

    Thanks for the link with the pictures of the cats climbing the Christmas tree, that was very cute. I passed it along to someone who I knew would appreciate it.

  5. JuliaC says:

    I think you are very brave to have a tree with 6 cats. I gave up on the idea as 2 would chase each other up & down the tree, the other would be so frightened he would not come into the room. I put a wreath instead.

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